Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So…Ummmm…Yeah…We Had a Baby

I know it’s been an inexcusably long silence from me here. (I mean, when I left you I was about to be induced with a baby who was threatening to be small for gestational age…geez, how did that go?!?!).

And I totally left you hanging there, but in my defense, I figured that every person who reads this blog could find out another way that the wonderful baby had been born, so I went totally off-line for a bit and let SRH handle the announcin’ and such.

But, since you asked…

Eily (rhymes with “Riley”) was born June 4, 2008 at 7:56am. She weighed a respectable 5lbs. 12 oz and was 19.5 inches long.

Take that Small for Gestational Age Police – boo ya! She may have been born officially qualifying as “small for gestational age” by being between the 5th and 10th percentiles, but by 5 days old, she was in the 15th percentile. And every doctor agreed that she’s just a small baby. No issues. Perfectly healthy. Just small.

So, as you can imagine we are very sleep deprived and deliriously happy. That being said, the sleep deprivation is currently edging out the ability to blog this evening, so I asked SRH to give me 10-12 words so that I could do a “word association” post since I’m not all that able to string thoughts together right now. (SRH word in black…my response in purple. And yes, I know that I’m supposed to do the first word that comes to mind, but I find that sleep debt has taken actual words right out of my head and replaced them with roundabout phrases.)

Movie…I’ll never see one of those again.

Baby…Parasite. Ummm, I mean very sweet-smelling, make my heart sing, parasite.

Salt…Pepa. (Yo, yo, yo, yo baby pop. Yeah you! Come and give me a kiss. Better make it fast or else I’m gonna get pissed.)

Rehab…No, no, no.

Laughter…funny stuff.

Nursing…sore, cracked, bleeding nips. That being said, it’s much easier this time around.

Food…yes, please.

Abs…I’m so never having those again.

Groceries…could totally use some of those. How can two adults not make it to the grocery store for over 3 days after stating their intention to go there?

Sandal…I’m always up for a smart pair of black sandals.

Fan…Fantastic, fanfare, fanfic, fantasia, fan-demonium. Okay, I’m stopping now.

Sleep…Ha! I laugh at the thought of sleep. I also cry a little bit, too.

Talk at you soon – I think. I can’t really tell what’s next for our family since I’ve never had two children before. Crap, I’m a mother of two.


Anonymous said...

Glad I can count myself among those who knew...but silly E never told me her name!

It's not Thea, but it'll do.

Seriously, though. She's awesome, as are you, SRH, and Little Man.

Congratulations. I'm really, super duper happy for you!

And why the switch from Duchess to Q?

Kate said...

Congratulations all around!!

Lisa shared the good news, but at that point, Miss Eily was still nameless. She is gorgeous!

Enjoy every 5 minutes of rest you get, and once you get used to it, let me know how that mother of two thing goes. I'm rooting for you!

belsum said...


(And damn you for putting Rehab in my head...)

nancy said...

How wonderful!! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful word of the family of four. I am thrilled for you, her name is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! She's so little, especially compared to Rachel the Giant.

For the first two weeks or so, I would become a sobbing mess around 6pm if I hadn't had a nap during the day. So my wish for you is plenty of naps and no melt-downs. Congratulations, again!

Sue said...

Oh she's beautiful! Congratulations. I love her name.

Zany Mama said...

drama mama-
You will have to ask SRH about the name switch...because we are very mysterious people, yo.

thanks so much! and you know Lis is all about sharing half the info. it is a good thing that woman is not in communications or anything like that.

thanks. and how about this one "Phenomena. Do, do, do, do, do. Phenomena."

thanks! your post about being a family of four is one of my favorites ever, so i will take it on good opinion that four is the number to be!

I, too, hope for plenty of naps. it has been okay so far as SRH has been home, but he goes back to work tomorrow, and i will admit to a bit of anxiety.

thanks. she is the bees knees. (and i think i would say that even if i were not her mother, but since i am, we will never know.)