Friday, May 30, 2008

She’s our wee, small peanut…but at least she’s still in my tummy

Just to give a quick update: saw the perinatologist today, and I’m still pregnant so that is fabulous news indeed.

Obviously, there was no induction today. My amniotic fluid levels are okay. We saw a beautifully beating heart, “breathing” movements, two kidneys, and a wonderful little profile.

Less than fabulous is the fact that the baby appears to be on the small side - small enough to cause the doctor concern. Not small enough to order an immediate induction today, but enough to order non-stress tests/fluid checks and make the recommendation for induction next week.

Many, many, many details could be given here…call/email me if you’d like them…but basically they don’t know why she’s so small, and it’s not an emergency, but they’d like to get her out once she hits 38 weeks.

(I’ll be officially 38 weeks according to my doctor next Wednesday, so she has scheduled my induction for next Tuesday at 9pm. She’s apparently taking this “induce at 38 weeks” recommendation from the perinatologist quite seriously. Which I kind of appreciate and also kind of freaks me out.)

I’m a bit overwhelmed, but all the testing today said she’s healthy and doing exactly what she should be doing in there so I’m generally feeling positive and confident.

And the docs seem to agree that it would be best if I just go into labor naturally beforehand so I’ll still be using all your tips – and anymore you want to provide – to avoid induction next week.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

o.k. totally unrelated...

there's a party in my tummy
so yummy
so yummy, yummy


Sue said...

Fingers crossed for naturally induced labor and no induction. Glad all seem well with her even if she is on the small side. It's never fun when they give you added things to worry about.

Chris said...

All this time waiting and keeping things on track. Wouldn't it be a great gift if she cam on her own now?

Holding you all with affection, anticipation and a goofy sense of irony and humour!

belsum said...

Another pair of fingers duly crossed!

Anonymous said...

Come out by yourself, little girl!

Zany Mama said...

To all-
thanks for all the emails and phone calls...i am feeling lots of love and support here...we are a very lucky family

drama mama-
totally unrelated is about this?

"no cuts, no butts, no coconuts
you gotta wait your turn
you gotta wait your turn"

no fun at all. keep crossing your fingers. i'm at t minus 23 hours and 27 minutes, so it's looking like an induction, but you never know.

a great gift indeed! thanks for your goofiness all around... :)


from your mouth to her ear!