Wednesday, May 28, 2008

37 Weeks!!!!!!!

(Writers’ Disclaimer: I am today, 37 weeks pregnant according to my doctor. I happen to know, due to being ridiculously obsessed with exact date of conception – a common affliction for couples experiencing infertility - that I will not really be 37 weeks pregnant until Friday. And also, this whole pregnancy counting thing has me completely confused. I thought last week that the doctor said that if I made it through Wednesday, I’d be at 37 weeks. But this week she said if I made it to Wednesday that would be good. Ack! Note to doctor: the use use of the correct and exact preposition is very important to women on bed rest.)

Anyhoo…the doctor said yesterday that I am now free to resume normal activities. In fact, she said that I can run a marathon if I’d like. Because now THE BABY IS OFFICIALLY FULL-TERM! Oh sure, I’m still 3 weeks away from my due date, but it’s been clear for several weeks now that I’m not going to make that date, and now the baby is medically considered full-term.

Can I get an “amen”?

That’s right, friends. I am now full-term, and the baby can come out at any time. Don’t think I am not grinning from ear to ear. Don’t think that SRH and I didn’t do a high-five at midnight last night. Don’t think I didn’t have a celebratory margarita this morning. (Okay, I didn’t, but I certainly wanted to.)

And now, irony of ironies, I have to see the perinatal specialists this week and there is a possibility that I will have to be induced on Friday. Why in the world would that occur, you ask? Weren’t you just the lady who was trying to lay down the majority of the day so that the baby wouldn’t come out?

Indeed. That was me. But now, it seems that the baby may be a bit small and/or my amniotic fluid may be low. So I have to have an extra special ultrasound to get the baby’s size and measure the amniotic fluid. There are a lot more details, but the gist is that I was induced with Zane because of low amniotic fluid, and I am fairly determined not to have that happen again.

So today…I was up and around almost every second. I took Zane shopping for new shoes. We had a play date. I carried a 2 year old down a flight of stairs. I sat on an exercise ball and visualized my cervix opening like a flower, and SRH and I took a long walk after dinner. SRH and I were going to do The Old Bone Dance, but he narrowly escaped that task because I just read an article that said that it’s really not an effective way to bring on labor, and my pelvis hurts enough.

So, bloggy friends, any wisdom to share? Any tips for going into labor before Friday at 9am?


Kate said...

Will. Pure will. I was determined that Henry would be born on 07/07/07, and gosh darn it, he was.

Congrats on making it full term! Now hurry up and have that baby already!

belsum said...

I think you should hold off until Saturday because, you know, the 31st is an exceptionally good day to be born. Heh.

Um, chili peppers? Castor oil? Deep tongue kissing? That's all I can remember from my sister's first (overdue).

The trick with Kirk having been early is that I didn't get a nice belly picture like your Hot Mama pic. Nice!!

Karen said...

woooo!!! i'm SO glad you made it to full term.
my friend sara swears by chipotle -as in, go and eat there. apparently it worked for both pregnancies. :)

Sue said...

Congrats on the doc's version of term. I'm inclined to believe like you do that patient knows best. With Alysa, the same thing - from our infertility, I KNEW the exact day of conception. My OB wouldn't listen to me, so they think Alysa was born 4 days late, when she was really 2 days early (exactly like her sister). You'd think they would know that 28 days is an AVERAGE! Hmph!

Good luck on Friday, I hope you don't have to be induced. Nothing helped progress my labor with Kayla either. I'd try having a long talk with the little one. Hey - you never know...

Anonymous said...

Lisette was late for her due date but came before her induction date. I am afraid I have no wisdom to share on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I went into labor on Jacob's due date after I took a walk around the neighborhood...

Emma was induced 2 weeks early because I was in so much freakin' pain...

I'm no help, man.

Anonymous said...

O.K. the countdown has started! Hanging in there with you. Zooland

Zany Mama said...

hey there! nice to hear from you.

the only problem with using my will is that this is the same will that has been ordering the kid to stay put for the past 3 weeks. my "will" has been engaged in exactly the opposite direction. i'm not sure you can a complete 180 like that and expect any results...hmmmm...

you said i was hot. i'm in love with you.

didn't go to chipotle, but did eat mexican. hopefully it will work.

talking to her as we speak... :)

that's okay. i probably don't need wisdom so much as a "dude, that sucks". thanks.

drama mama-
we took another walk again tonight...fingers crossed.

any finger crossing, good wishes, and hanging in there is appreciated. thanks!