Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anatomically Incorrect

Perhaps the child has a point?

Tonight Zane was in champion “stalling for bedtime” form. He yelled messages down the stairs to us, read a book on the potty for a good 10 minutes, complained about imaginary injuries, and asked for extra good night kisses.

At one point, this is the conversation we had – yelled down the stairs because we wouldn’t let him come down to tell us.

Zane: What are you guys watching?

Me/SRH: Just a show on TV, buddy…

Zane: Are you guys watching one of my shows?

Me/SRH: No.

Zane: Are you watching Noggin?


Zane: Well, what are you watching?

SRH: Just a show about volcanoes, Zaney. (This was brilliant because Zane is slightly fearful of volcanoes but they don’t throw him into paroxysms of terror like, say, sirens).

Zane: Volcanoes?

Me/SRH: Yep. You wouldn’t like it.

Zane: Do you know what else volcanoes can be called?

Me/SRH: What, buddy?

Zane: Vulvas.

Me/SRH: What?!

Zane: Volcanoes can also be called vulvas.

Me: (laughing hysterically)

SRH: No, no they can’t buddy. Volcanoes are not called vulvas.

Me: (to Scott) Well, they are now.

Zane: Yes, they are. They explode just like vulvas.

Okay, so back to the drawing board on the whole “using the correct terms” for body parts. Apparently, we’ve not been clear enough if our child believes that volcanoes and vulvas are interchangeable.


Mom said...

I just laughed so hard I think my vulva exploded.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hee.

belsum said...

*dies laughing*

Sue said...

Thanks - I haven't laughed that hard in a while. That has to be the best Kiddism every! :)

Sandy said...

Hey, now that you're just lying around waiting for the Duchess, how about a blog about lying around?

Zany Mama said...

careful with those exploding vulvas. they can be quite dangerous.

yes. see what you have ahead of you?

glad you got it. i was worried people would think i was raising some sort of pervy-baby.

it was just so random! but i guess the best ones are.

just posted. ask and ye shall receive.