Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Musings

Here’s some of what flitted through my mind today – in no particular order.

Baby Names
Today a friend sent me a website of baby names – or rather it was a website making fun of some people’s choices in baby names.
And I thought to myself, I bet my blog reading public doesn’t know my obsession with baby names. I have left three very important people out in the cold about this essential facet of my character.

It’s true. I love baby names and any discussion surrounding them. I have read most baby name books on the market, and at any given time, I am reading one. As you might guess, there aren’t a bunch of these books on the market so I’ve had to read several of them multiple times.

Maybe it’s because I have such a unique name. Or maybe it’s in my blood – my father has children named Briar, Maurice, Shamiko, Steven, Shawn, Brianna, Mark (2), Michelle, Marissa, Ashley, Corey, etc.

(Another minor revelation, my father has a lot of children).

Anyhoo…I love the baby names. Except when I’m pregnant. Then, I can barely stand to discuss them. I like baby names when it’s all “what if” and “that’d be fun” not when I’m actually naming a child. Case in point, SRH named Zane. We had the field narrowed down to two options, and after 3.5 hours of pushing, I told SRH that I didn’t care what we named the baby. Good thing he made the right choice.

If you’re interested, my favorite book is this one, and I’m currently partial to Sorrel for a girl and Ezra for a boy. (But these are always – at any moment – subject to change).

Zane is at the right preschool.
I knew this, and I got confirmation last week when I spoke to a colleague who runs the childcare center at my job. (There are 300 slots for 20,000 employees, so not a lot of people get to have their kids in that particular center).

So this childcare expert encouraged me to keep Zane where he is through all this childcare madness. Whew!

But I got extra confirmation today when I took a friend’s chatty daughter to her preschool. (As an aside, the chattiness was delightful. Zane actually chatted back to her, which was a really neat thing to hear. Of course, she talked about a number of topics and Zane responded by bringing the conversation back to trains at all times, but I’m just pleased the boy is gabbing.)

So, the other preschool was a lovely place. We did consider it for Zane, actually, but had heard that their dealing with food allergies left something to be desired.

True dat. We walked in, and there was a table of kids making armpit fudge 2.0. Now, it’s actually a clever little project for the kids, and I cracked up to see the teacher mashing it around in her underarm, but alas the recipe is full of dairy. (As you may recall, Zane is allergic to dairy.) There was cream cheese and butter all over the tables and chairs, and the children were gleefully squishing them through their fingers and toes before putting into plastic bags destined for their armpits.

Such a fun scene – but I couldn’t help but think that Zane wouldn’t be able to participate in it, and no amount of keeping him from the “work” area would make it safe for him to be in that class.

So, we’re at the right place. Validation is a good thing.

New Bookstore
Zane and I discovered a new bookstore today – Cover to Cover.
(There would be a link but it doesn’t have an internet site).

Cover to Cover is a locally-owned children’s bookstore, and it’s completely delightful. Zane and I spent over an hour in there reading every train book ever published. Did you know that “K” is for kitten?

Ultra-Sonic Nebulizer
On Friday, I had to replace the nebulizer that, just last month, it took me 18 steps to procure.

The directions said that if the water in the nebulizer was above 86 degrees, the nebulizing would happen faster. After giving Zane 6-8 breathing treatments a day at 30 minutes a pop over the weekend, I decided to speed up the process today by heating the water. (I am full of brilliance).

It cut the treatment time in half, but I knew I may have been a bit overzealous when Zane’s face became bright red mid-way through the treatment.

Lesson learned there.


Sue said...

I find it fun to hear about baby names as well. There are some really unique and beautiful names out there.

Oh boy for that project at the school. It would make my heart stop. I'm glad you got such great validation. We have Kayla enrolled for September (she'll be 3 in August), but the thought of the FA thing sends waves of terror down my spine. I'm glad Zane is in a place that keeps him safe and makes you comfortable. That, of course, is priceless.

Neil Street said...

Loved your post about baby names. I see from your blogroll you like some celebrity blogs also, so here is a blog you may love: the Celebrity Baby Names Blog. It is at
Another blog you might like is a daily blog all about baby names, at

peefer said...

My wife spontaneously began to read off baby names last night.

I said, "Why don't you say something that adds value to my life?"

She responded with something that was clearly not a baby name.

zulhai said...

What do you think of the name Toussaint? to me that seems like the name of an additional family member waiting to be born.

Zany Mama said...

Yeah, sending Zane to preschool was incredibly hard for me because of the food allergies. Should you ever want to read my neurotic meltdown about it, go back to my Sept. 11 post. I was wiggin' out.

But we both made it - and it has been amazing for Zane, but also for me as I learn to trust that other folks really care about my child's welfare and can keep him safe.

neil street-
I will admit: I can't figure out your angle. Your suggestions wer much appreciated, and yet I still feel like maybe you're trying to sell me something. Hmmm...

I snorted aloud at your comment. Thanks so much for that.

Do you mean an additional family member for your family or for my family?

Because I can totally get behind it for yours. My last name does not lend itself to anything french or remotely sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Armpit fudge. Fascinating. I may have to post about it on my blog. I will need to experiment with dairy alternatives.

I'm glad to her that Zane brought the topic back to trains every time Miss Chatty veered off course. At least we know he is focused.

Zany Mama said...

Please feel free to use the armpit fudge for blog fodder. I will be interested to know how it goes with the dairy alternatives. I was tempted to try it myslef.

If Zane is anything, he is focused.

Christy said...

I'm intrigued, does your father have two children called Mark??

Zany Mama said...

I think you're the only person who caught that. My dad does, indeed, have two children named Mark.

It was a case of dueling girlfriends. They both wanted to bear his namesake.