Monday, December 11, 2006

Nectar of the Gods

I am not one of those people who have addictions. I’m not – what’s that phrase? - an “addictive personality”. I am not dependent on any substance – even the chocolaty or caffeine-y ones.

This has been a bone of contention in my partnership, because I am married to a man who has multiple monkeys on his back. SRH has a wicked lust for Mt. Dew, and he can’t say no to donuts or cheesecake. Even on his best days, I daren’t get between my man and his peanut bark krispie treats. (An old family recipe, I will share it one day).

But me, I am an island.

A lone ranger. One who has no pesky dependencies or inconvenient inclinations. I don’t jones for nothing, man.

Well, I didn’t.

And then I discovered Bolthouse Farms Cranberry Lemonade.

My puny wordsmithing cannot convey to you – oh poor soul, who has not had a chance to experience the wonder - an adequate description of the overwhelmingly sublime combination of cranberries and lemon that this organic farm blends together to create such delectable perfection.

Oh heaven, I knew you were pink. I just didn’t know what shade.

(What’s your vice?)


SRH said...

Yesterday I got a plaintive phone call from Zany Mama asking me to get some animal crackers for Little Man, oh, and while I was at the store, "get some of that cranberry lemonade."

Little Man didn't even want the crackers

Anonymous said...

I have a wicked sweet tooth. There's no one particular thing - just sweet.
If I had to pick one, it would be white wedding/birthday cake w/buttercream frosting that I craved every day during my pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

i have this problem with burger king chicken sandwiches. i consider this a problem since i have been a vegetarian for the last ten years (during which time, i caved and ate the chicken sandwich on three seperate occassions, two were during pregnancy so don't count). so i am vegetarian yet crave gross processed meat substance from bk. why, oh why must i be tormented so?

Anonymous said...

My vice is Buffalo Sauce. SRH always says that everything is better with ranch dressing, well, I think everything chicken-y is better with buffalo sauce. I can't pass up BW3's or Roosters, or anything buffalo-y. There is constantly a bottle of BW3's Medium sauce in our fridge at all times. And I have to admit it gets used on all fried things - including french fries. I also have an addiction to Jalepeno's and cookies (not together). I'm not addicting to anything else, but food. Food is my vice. And my hips tell that story! LOL

Zany Mama said...

He did want the crackers. It was simply convenience that he happened to want the particular crackers only sold at the one store in town guaranteed to carry the delectable drink that is my new best friend.

I love white cake with buttercream frosting! One of our local grocery stores features a white cake that is lightly almond flavored. It is delightful.

anonymous dude-
You are tormented so because you are mean to me. There is no other reasonable explanation. Please see your last comment, and you will know why you want the icky chicky from the king.

Now this is a different vice. One I haven't had much exposure to. I'm intrigued. Completely incomprehending, but intrigued nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

whatever. your guilt (for ignoring me) is eating at you, and you know it. so you are blaming the victim. great. good advocacy skills. oh, and ps, why don't you tell people how much your fancy little beverage costs?

Mom said...

For a person with no addictions, I seem to remember someone who ate sixteen link sausages at one sitting. Sixteen.

Then there was laffy taffy.

Zany Mama said...

anonymous dude-
My cranberry lemonade costs slightly more than one burger king original chicken sandwich.

ps, I am a marginal advocate at best.

I believe you are confusing gluttony (the sausages) and passing fancies (laffy taffy) to true addiction.

zingerzapper said...

Pizza, pizza, pizza. I could eat it daily. I could even eat it with the exact same toppings every single day, as long as there was no cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, pizza with pepperoni and spicey sausage. Maybe I will order some now. Outside of that I would say Crystal Light Raspberry tea. Not the Raspberry Ice, just the regular stuff. I don't need nothing fancy like "Ice."

Kristi said...

Dr. Peppah. Chocolaty things. My blog. The internets. Too many addictions to name.

At least your one addiction has fruit in it. That counts for something.

carmen said...

Diet Mt Dew. Running. Starbucks.

Any of the three.

BTW, I'm new to your blog, mom of six, all of whom have asthma/allergies and one with severe food allergies. One with an autistic disorder.

carmen said...

And, for whatever reason, blogger cannot be bothered to link to my site -

Really, blogger, how hard is that?

Zany Mama said...

While I totally feel you on the whole cheese thing, you know the one thing I DO eat cheese on is pizza. Yours always looks so dry to me!

On the other hand, I respect your ability to be a cheese-hating purist.

Oh my gosh, I haven't had Dr. Pepper for years, but I now have the "Be a pepper, drink Dr. Pepper" song in my heart. I may have to try it out again.

Thanks for stopping by! SRH enjoys the Diet Mt. Dew, too, but I'm kind of caffeine-averse.

Also, I'm in awe of your willingness to keep breeding after having one child with asthma/allergies. SRH and I are struggling with that one. We feel that we have a "genetically loaded gun" so to speak, and we're not sure we should take the chance of firing it again.

Also also, blogger beta may be the devil, but it won't keep me from visiting your blog! Thanks!