Friday, October 20, 2006

The Power of Speech

Interlude One

Yesterday, I had one of those parenting moments where you stand outside your body a little bit and think, Really? This is what my life is? Wow, I wouldn’t have called that ten years ago.

It happened right around 8:25am and, of course, it happened around the potty. Zane was throwing the perfect 3 year old tantrum at the perfect time – 5 minutes before we had to leave for preschool. These were the words that defused the situation:

It’s okay, Zaney. The potty won’t hurt you. I promise. Mama won’t let the potty hurt you. (less sniffles)

Do you want to potty like papa? (small nod) Okay buddy, go ahead and stand up. Mama will help point your pee-pee.

Tantrum over.

(Is the offer to hold a penis a universal way to stop a tantrum in the male of our species?)

Interlude Two
I have mentioned before that I have, at times, not been taken seriously at work by colleagues outside of my immediate office.
I attribute it to a number of things: I look young. I’m pretty short, and I’m a woman of color. I know - who would take anyone of that particular combination seriously? I mean, really.

But in an effort to publicly support me, my boss will occasionally ask me to do some high profile speeches. I hate it when this happens. Hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

So I pretty much hated yesterday.

To be fair, I only had to do an introduction, not a full speech. But it was in front of hundreds of people, including the top two women at the university. And my boss. And several colleagues that I highly respect.

So I did it – and it went okay. And as I was making my way back to my seat, I said under my breath,

Well, at least I didn’t puke.

And while my boss didn’t hear me, the Very Important Person sitting to my right did. And while she was WAY too dignified to fall out of her chair, she did get quite a chuckle at my expense.

Interlude Three
Zane’s talking, and talking, and talking does have some benefits.
He has recently starting responding to terms of endearment and asking for kisses. So sweet.

But today, he stunned me when he said – completely unsolicited -

I love you, mama.

This may be the highlight of my life.


lsig said...


I'm sure your speeches always go much better than you think.

Kristi said...

How sweet is that? My girls like to make up songs about how pretty I am. And it's totally true...I'm really hot.

Then again, it won't be too long before you're wishing your little guy would JUST STOP TALKING. Maybe it's just me...

Zany Mama said...

The funny thing is - and you probably already know this - but I was a trainer at my last job, which necessitated standing up and speaking in front of people of course - but usually they were in groups of 50 or less. There's just something about getting up in front of large groups. I'm also sure it went well, but it was quite painful in the anticipation. (Is this another introvert trait? If it is, you might just have a believer here.)

So your girls are your in-house fan club, eh? Good deal.

I'm going to have to work on getting Zane to extoll my virtues of wit, charm, and, oh yeah, rare beauty.

Anonymous said...

Zany, i do not envy you. I am terrified of public speaking. It makes me shake, quiver and want to cry even thinking about giving a speach to a group. The strange thing is, i have no problem being the center of attention at a get together or party, but make it a speach where everyone is paying attention and i freak out. I can tell a joke with 15 people i barely know standing around me at a party and not not think twice about it (if there is other stuff going on - ie music, other people holding conversations around the room, etc.)I can be the king of the corner. But make everyone in a room pay attention to me and make me the only option, uggghhh, you might as well shoot me.


Zany Mama said...

I must say that I am a bit surprised - but I guess I shouldn't be. We should ask lsig, but I bet there is something in the Myers-Briggs that explains this peculiar trait that the two of us share.

S. said...

LOL and Interlude #1
And for Interlude #3, that is awesome. :)