Monday, June 19, 2006

Bad Mood

Some days you just wake up in a bad mood. Today was one of those days for me. I knew it as soon as I woke up. First off, I just could not get up. I’d had enough sleep. I’d even slept fairly well, but I was wholly unwilling to move from my position on the bed. Zane was crawling all over me (Yes, yes, we co-sleep. Feel free to judge me). He was grabbing my face, kicking me in my soft, soft tummy, and demanding kisses on his pacifier (Yes, yes, he still uses a pacifier at night. Please, judge me again).

Anyway, I eventually got my lazy self downstairs, and I finally figured out I was in a bad mood and not just tired, when I got irritated because Zane wanted a second piece of toast. What? You think you should have more than one measly piece of toast for breakfast. Kid, you are entitled.

Yep, that’s when I knew we were on for a bad mood kind of day.

For a while, I tried to figure out why I was in the bad mood. The answer I came up with: No reason. None at all. Yesterday, Father’s Day, had been nice. We went for a hike in the morning and my mom made one of Scott’s favorite dinners in the evening. Of course, we did have an Open House again yesterday and two showings on Saturday, but I think that has made me weary, not moody.

So, I gave up trying to figure out why I was irritable and just decided to go with it. A bad mood day is not the worse thing to happen to someone. Surprisingly, I think I was pretty much able to keep it from affecting my interactions with Zane. (I mean, I did get him the second piece of toast!), but I decided it was probably best not to inflict my mood upon others.

Therefore, to take care of myself and to protect others, I decided on the following actions today:

  • See or speak to no one except for Zane, SRH, and my mom – all of these folks are pretty much integral to my day, so there’s no getting away from that.
  • Do not go to my work email account. I may say something I regret to someone important (i.e. someone who can affect my paycheck).
  • Let Zane watch as many train videos as he wanted today. It makes him happy. That makes me happy. We can get over the limited TV rule today.
  • Make myself some cookies.

So there I was, all hunkered in my house happily grouching the day away, when who should call but Zinger Zapper? I decided to answer the phone because I’d just gotten an irritating email (That’s probably an unfair characterization of the email. It’s probably fairer to say that I, in my craptastic mood, received an email, which, unsurprisingly, irritated me.), and I knew she’d commiserate.

So after hearing me gripe for about 15 minutes, Zinger Zapper worked her make-me-feel-better magic (This mainly consisted of, You are so right, Zany Mama. You are a great person. You are a goddess. I’m so glad we’re friends.). I did actually start to feel better. No one was more surprised than me.

Then, my friend Tonia came over for a late lunch. And after hearing me complain for about an hour, she worked her make-me-feel-even-better magic. (Which unsurprisingly consisted of, You are so right, Zany Mama. You are a great person. You are a goddess. I’m so glad we’re friends.) Doggone it, but I was feeling down right good at this point!

I made some cookies while Tonia was over, we both a bunch of them, and I was a new woman by the time that Zane woke up from his nap.

So I guess the moral of my day is that wonderful, supportive women friends and some cookies can make even the grouchiest day better.

Thank you Zinger Zapper, Tonia, and all of my other fabulous female friends. I probably don’t tell you often enough how much you mean to me.

Oh, and thanks to Martha Stewart for the fabulous apricot-almond oatmeal cookie recipe.


zingerzapper said...

Okay, if it makes you feel any better you've been judged. Judged that you were able to get your child to take a pacifier while I suffered the breast clawing as my child was removed from nursing after 16 hours. Judged that sometimes we need to be numb and left alone and your child gets to enjoy a video he loves. Don't think I haven't thought about slipping Chubby Boy (C.B. for the blog)some acid so he could really enjoy Baby Einstein. So I hope you feel awful about the judgement and for shame I say!

Mom said...

Gee, I had lunch with you. Didn't I make you feel any better?

Now I'm having a bad day!

Are there any cookies left?

Zany Mama said...

I refuse to be judged by a woman whose child will eat any and all things put in front of him. Others can judge me. Not you. :)

You don't count -you're my mom. Anyway, you're not the boss of me.

Oh yeah, there are some cookies left. Better make it over soon, though.