Friday, June 16, 2006

Nagging Will Get You Nowhere

One of my old bosses told me that once Zane got to be around three years old, SRH and I would start wanting to have another baby. She said it never fails, when the first born hits three, the uterus starts aching. Interestingly enough, she had only one child, and she was completely wrong about my uterus. Apparently, it’s Zane’s uterus – although I wasn’t aware that little boys had one - that is longing for a baby at our house.

A few weeks ago, Zane became fascinated with Baby Sophie on Playhouse Disney’s “Go Baby.” I know. I know. “Go Baby” is singularly annoying and a little creepy, but, really, we’re just so thrilled that the main character is a Black child, that we’ll watch it as many times as Zane wants to. And my boy wants to watch it – A LOT - especially since they have added the character of Baby Sophie.

Baby Sophie comes on the screen and – oh sure, she’s cute and all, but – our child is glued to the set and starts to croon , Baby Sophie. Baby Sophie. Baby Sophie. Over and over and over again. Usually he has to say goodbye to Baby Sophie when the show ends. Sometimes he talks to Baby Sophie as he leaves the television and goes to play trains. Bye, bye Baby Sophie. Zane go play trains now. Bye Sophie. See you later Sophie… You get my drift.

In addition, Zane points out every baby every where we go. He talks about the fact that there is a baby, what the baby is doing, and what the baby is feeling. He’s like a sports commentator giving a play by play, Mama, baby crying. Mama, baby laughing. Mama, baby running. Mama, baby swinging.

And then yesterday Playhouse Disney dealt us a double-whammy. Go Baby was on followed by back to back episodes of HigglyTown Heroes, featuring guest star Baby Pookie. All of which is fine, sure, except that Zane insisted that I watch both episodes without doing anything else – and really, I did need to get to work. Uncaring about my plight, Zane insisted on commenting non-stop about the baby, and then talked about the sad/laughing/walking/screaming baby all the way to childcare. And, of course, he needed validation from me each and every time he mentioned the baby.

At some point, his commenting on all things baby has started to sound (in my head at least) like an imperative – a demand, if you will, Mama, give me a baby. Mama, Zane want a baby. Mama, baby, baby, baby.

And here’s the response in my head, which I have not given out loud (as yet), Okay, okay Zane. I know you like babies. We all like babies. I heard you. Your papa heard you. The whole neighborhood is probably, right now, wondering why we don’t give you a baby to love. I know you’d probably thrive with another little child in our house, but you know what? Just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, and anyway, You are not the boss of me!


Christina said...

Hahaha! I think at a certain point all kids become obsessed with babies. My daughter hasn't yet, but I'm sure she will. We're planning another, but from the description of what happened to you in labor from your yoga post, I can understand not wanting another child. :)

Trula said...

My kids all went through this at various ages, probably because there are years between the three of them. Now they are 17, 11, and 8, and tell me frequently they would like another sibling. My daughter just told me, it would be nice to have a sister before I'm grown! and my sons said we need more boys around this house. ha!

Zany Mama said...

I'm glad to hear that this is normal. While we may - or may not - have more children, I never expected the pressure to come from my own child! :) I kind of imagined (pre parenthood) that I'd be telling him what to do not vice versa. ha.

Trula -
You actaully confirmed what I have begun to suspect: kids are never happy with what you give them and they always want more! Kidding, of course. But really, it is a good thing that they are so cute. It makes the pressure bearable.

Lsig said...

I talked really early (this should not surprise you) and was very small for my age when I was a tot. According to my mother, it freaked people out to see this apparent infant shouting, "Baby! Baby, mommy!" at the other (sometimes older) babies in stores, etc.

Mom said...

Go with your uterus.

Kids always want something, then you give it to them and they suddenly not interested and you'd be left with another baby to diaper and Zane would be saying "Where white passenger car?"

Mom said...

Plus, nagging never worked with you anyway.

Zany Mama said...

So your precocious, loquacious little toddler self freaked people out? I'm not surprised. I find that people, in general, freak out way too easily. Wusses.

Anyway, apparently it worked on your mom. You do have a little sister.

mom -
Your reverse-psychology jedi mind tricks will will not fool anyone. You'll have to try something else, lady. I'm on to you.

zingerzapper said...

I say buy the kid a doll that will pee all over him and tell him he'll get another when he grows a uterus. love Zany mama

Zany Mama said...

Sounds like a plan.