Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool New Stuff

Lots of cool new things happening here at Chez RH, and since I usually bellyache and share all my various and assorted worries here (see any posts labeled Keith Richards, asthma, food allergies, or other stuff that worries me), I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about some good stuff.

Zane Good Stuff
My kid read his first word on Saturday. Honest to goodness, read it. Didn’t memorize it as the next word in the story. Didn’t guess it from contextual clues. He read it. As you can imagine, I was seriously proud.

Proud enough that we carted the baby to the library yesterday to pick out some “readers” so that he can practice the glorious act of reading. Because while I wasn’t going to push him into reading, now that’s he’s expressed interest, I can’t stop fantasizing about all the nerdy-fun we’re going to have reading together everyday for the rest of his childhood. (That’s how it works right?!)

The word was “off” by the way, so because I can’t contain my pride, here it is…Hot off the press! My kid can read one word in the preceding sentence!

More Zane Good Stuff
Zane is losing his first tooth. This morning he yelled up the stairs that he had “hurt” his tooth, and all I could think was G!@% D$#%@ Cap’N Crunch. Not only are you a sugary devil, now you go physically assaulting my boy’s choppers.

In actuality, the Vile Cap’N merely further loosened a tooth already destined to leave his mouth in the near future. So this is totally cool because Zane feels like such a big boy, but also kind of breaks a mama’s heart. You know, since Zane is getting to be such a big boy.

Eily Good Stuff
It’s official. We have a girl who smiles. Yep, she did it on her 4 week anniversary of life - looked at me big as anything with a wide-mouthed grin and sparkling eyes. For a bit, I thought it might be gas, but she has repeated it often enough that I’m quite sure that it’s a real-deal smile.

My Good Stuff
Getting a new blog design, friends. Yep, I’m revamping the whole thing. I may even change the title. It smacks of favoritism to have the title of your blog reflect only one of your children, doesn’t it?

As I read the sidebar last month, it barely seemed to be talking about my life anymore. For starters, Zane will be 5 next week – yikes! – and his food allergies and asthma don’t take up nearly the space in our lives as they once did. We rarely dash off to the ER or doctor these days. I’m creating a fulfilling work/life, and I get through most days pretty well. (I am, however, still married to the cynical, sarcastic man who makes me laugh every day, and Zane is still wildly adorable so not everything is different, I suppose.)

So…it’s time for a change, but I can’t figure out a new name for the blog which embraces all this good new stuff – Zane’s improved health, new baby, new work, etc.

Any ideas? ZanEily Mothering? Ryan-Hart the Lion Heart? The Rare Blogger?

What do you think?

Edited to add: BTW, my first name is totally fair game in the whole blog re-naming. Bring on the days of the week madness!


Caitlin said...
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Sue said...

Congrats on Zane reading his first word. That is serious business. :) I can't help you on the blog name - since I'm not the most creative with titles. I have my witty moments, but they tend to be unplanned. Looking forward to seeing the new look.

I hear you on food allergies not taking over anymore. It's good when you settle into some normalcy. The only times I really find myself anxious is for parties and such. People seem surprised when they find out I don't live in a state of paranoia. We made our house her safe haven both for her and for our sanity. It becomes routine.

I love those first baby smiles!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, the first word. Love it! And yes, plan on all things nerdy because there is no better feeling like curling up with a good book. Just remember that good to him might not mean good to you. "Captain Underpants" for example would not have been at the top of my list but is now his favorite series.

I'll e-mail you with some ideas. I need to think on it and thinkin' ain't goin' so great.

Although I was able to use 3 apostrophes in one sentence. That's gotta count for something.

Chris said...

Tuesday's Childs

That my suggestion!

Kate said...

LOVE hearing all that good stuff!! Way to go Zane on his tooth and mad reading skills. You need to capture a photo of your beautiful smiling girl so I can giggle and say "awww!".

What about My So Called E.Z. Life?

Anonymous said...

When in doubt naming a project, I always go with "The Daily Planet," until something better comes up.
Congratulations on your beautiful children. Isn't it cool to have a car-full of them?

Amy said...

I like the new template! Congrats on the first word being read! That's fantastic! Just think, soon he'll be able read to his sister and give you some well deserved Mommy time!

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