Thursday, January 24, 2008

Place Your Bets*

Tomorrow is the day of days...the "tour of the baby" ultrasound.

So what do we think, friends? Boy or girl?

*And I expect every person who still reads this blog (yes, both of you) to share your guesses.


Karen said...


(who you name karen in my honor)

Mom said...


SRH said...

Yes, it will be a boy or a girl

Anonymous said...

Are twins already ruled out??

I would say girl.

lsig said...

I wish I'd seen you so I could judge all of those completely irrelevant things like if your face is rounder or if you are carrying high...but I'm going to guess boy.

Anonymous said...

A Girl, no doubt. Now it is Friday. What's the truth already?

Anonymous said...

Girl all the way. Why? Because. Now spill. XO. -M

Sandy said...

Okay, I already know and I would have guessed right to begin with so I'll leave it up to you to spill the beans.

Yeah, baby shopping!!!


Karen said...

omg sandy knows and you're not telling the rest of us? do you HATE me or something? hurry UP and post. or at the very LEAST email me. geesh!

Zany Mama said...

you have always been my smartest friend... :)

mom -

Right, but an awfully safe prediction you gave.

drama mama-
You with your ill-wishing ways...are absolutely correct!

Your totally wrong guess is completely've got your own baby girl to be preoccupied with... :)

I'd give you more kudos for your accurate guess if I knew who you were! :)

Although you already heard it from SRH, I will confirm that you are correct-a-mundo!

Who knows what you would have guessed, since you didn't say anything before I confirmed. It's easy to seem infallible when you already have the info. On the other hand, yay - baby shopping!

I completely adore you...and you'll get an email shortly.

Sue said...

Congrats on the girl! How fun!

Zany Mama said...


Thanks. We're delighted. But of course, either way we would have been thrilled!

SasseyFrass said...

I now guess girl :)