Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Interrupt this Bloggy Vacation… say that today I quit my job. And not like quitting my job last June – that time when I walked into my boss’ office and she said, “Oh my god. Are you quitting? Don’t quit. Just don’t quit. Okay. We can work something out, just don’t quit without trying to work something out.” And I was all, “Okay.”

Nope. Not like that at all.

Today, after months of being overwhelmed and exhausted and feeling pulled between my day job and this consulting stuff that seems to be going somewhere, I decided to quit.

Well actually, it wasn’t today that I decided to quit. I’ve been percolating on it for a while and told myself about 6 weeks ago that if I got one more consulting gig, I was going to quit my job.

Then about 4 days later, I got another gig.

And then 3 days after that, I got another one.

But was I convinced? Oh no. For you see, I am from the School of the Formerly Poor, where each lesson ends with the phrase - Do not ever leave a regular paying job.

So I hemmed and I hawed (is this how you spell that?)…and I dithered and I dathered (which I’m quite sure is not how you spell that)…and I talked it over ad nauseum with SRH.

And after much dismay and deliberation, I decided to go for it.


Today I quit my job.

And if it was the worst decision of my life and puts my family in the poorhouse and my children’s lives in jeopardy, I can always get another job, right?


ATmikha said...

You can ALWAYS get another job! This is a good move, and couldn't have come at a better time.

lsig said...

YAY! This gives you the chance at some actual career fulfillment, not to mention offering you the flexibility you need during your current procreation project.

I'm simultaneously thrilled for you and intensely jealous. Of course, once I've taken full advantage of the excellent benefits my company offers for the duration of my procreation project...I may be following you out the door.

Thea said...

You do what you gotta do. It'll work out. Congrats on getting out of a poopy situation.

And can I just say that I sure have missed you.

But don't worry. The smack will return the more you blog.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on funenmployment! It's the way to go!

SasseyFrass said...


Conga Rats!


Mom said...

Why did I have to read this on your blog?

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

When your boss begs you not too leave, ya, being able to get another job is kind of a done deal.

Way to go! :)

rb said...

You are baaack!!!! I missed knowing what's going on with you. Although I have not talked wiht you much recently, I sensed that this was coming sometime. I am confident that you will rock!

Karen said...

you did it! i'm so proud of you!

of course, i'm excited because i'm certain this means you'll have more time to hang out with me. right? right?

belsum said...

YAY!!!!! I'm so excited for you! What's your consulting? I'm so happy for your happy job karma.

ZingerZapper said...

I am so proud and excitef for you. See, everything does happen for a reason (it feels good to be right once again). Now that you've gone huge on the national scale, when are you taking me to Denmark or Africa? Now its time to figure out a way to quit my damn job.


Andrea said...

Good for you--and good luck.


mamacomeshome said...

Congratulations! What a huge step and a courageous one. Please let us know how you do with this change over the coming months. I'm about to do the same thing in April (

Sue said...

Congrats on the decision. Good luck with the continuing consulting jobs.

I hope it's been going good for you!

Karen said...

when are you ever going to post?! you promised me you'd post!