Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello, eh!

So, I’m out of the country right now.

(I’m in Nova Scotia, so I’m really barely out of the country, but it felt like a dramatic way to begin a post.)

Anyway, I’m trying something new – I’m going to blog about work a bit.

I usually don’t blog about work because, well, that’s not what we’re all here for. For me, blogging is actually a bit of an escape from work, but since I’m going to be gone until Saturday and I have no idea what’s happening at my house (what you don’t know, can’t burn down the house, right?), I thought I might just give a few quick updates this week.

I am here - at a conference with an incredible group of people talking about amazing topics that are really important. (ah, hyperbole!) So it was starting to feel a bit “inauthentic” not to talk about this really cool thing happening in my life. Especially since I typically bore you with health crises, rants about occupational therapy, and my love of steak.

So, I do find it difficult to articulate what occurs for me when I go to these types of gatherings – it’s lots of deep conversations and connecting to people that I wouldn’t meet in any other context. And there’s lots of me going, “OMG – I can’t believe I’m here! Okay, okay, play it cool Dr. J. You can run with the big dogs. Anyway, they like you, you like them. Just don’t tell them about your encyclopedic knowledge of all things celebrity, and it will be all good.”

In trying to figure out what to write about my experience here so far, I thought I’d just give you a couple of quotes from the conference that are sticking with me from today:

“What if we created a world that was biased toward wisdom and compassion?”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Everywhere I look, there is another of my favorite people.”

Okay, the last quote was from me, but it’s true. I’m like a kid in a candy store – and I’m totally on a starburst high!

I think I’ll try to post a few times from here – we’ll see how this blogging about work goes. I’m struggling to find a witticism or self-deprecation in this whole experience, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

Stay tuned.


nancy said...

You are in MY country!!!


(translatoin: welcome, eh?)

SRH said...

I am glad that this trip is (so far, aside from some luggage issues)being good to you.

The house is not on fire, so no worries there. Little Man asked about you a ton today, but he also asked about orange rice a ton too.

Zooland said...

I love hearing about your work and your learning. This is one eager reader....

lsig said...

Your work trips are substantially different from mine.

Anonymous said...

i know you are doing important, vital things, but do you have to be gone so long? i have a very important question re: Z's love of peanut butter jelly time. we are planning on buying him a t-shirt for his birthday and don't know if he likes the dancing banana or the dog from family guy dressed as the dancing banana? see, these are the truly vital issues framing my day here in columbus. looking forward to reading more. and seriously, just answer the question. oh, and i sprained my ankle. big fun! xo, melissa

Zany Mama said...

I am TOTALLY in your country. Today, I asked someone if they were an American (because I didn't want to make an assumption by using a slang term) and she actually laughed at me.

"No. I'm not American." She said as she laughed some more.

I'm so gauche.

I'm sure the child barely knows I'm gone with Papa in the barrel.

I'm glad to hear it. More coming shortly.

But there are people from Sweden here...I don't understand.

He likes both so you cna't lose. I might choose the family guy one simply because that was his first introduction to the song.

Sprained ankle? Dude. Isn't your wife out of the country for like three weeks?


Anonymous said...

I realize you are busy with work, but based on the quotes you chose to share, I bet you would really love Barack Obama's speech last summer to a Northwestern graduation class, about the need to develop compassion. Very well put. I'll email it to you. In the meantime, try not to run up your minibar tab.

Sue said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your trip!