Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Good Day

This may come as a surprise to someone who hasn’t read my last 15 posts, but I’ve been a bit crabby lately. Yesterday I finally got a clue that perhaps it’s due to lack of nutrients (the gall bladder diet is great for the thighs but not so good for the brain cells), a kid who was sick for well over a month, and raging lady hormones. It’s a dangerous mix, my friends, and I have somehow been loath to own the grouchiness that is me recently.

But last night SRH and I went out on a date (dinner followed by trip to Target, a perfect evening!), and I decided to give voice to the ill-temper.

Me: I’m just crabby right now. I have been for the past few days. I kept thinking that it’s going to getter better, but it’s not. And I’m beginning to think it’s me. I mean, for a minute I thought it was you, or the stupid occupational therapist that Zane saw this week, or that woman who made me ingest a barium solution AND gave me an IV today. But it isn’t. It’s me. I’m crabby just because, and it’s probably not going to change until…heck…I don’t know. It MAY NEVER change, SRH. It may never change.

SRH (pauses before speaking because you can’t just respond any old way to the previous): I think you should go to yoga tomorrow.

Me: Yeah. But I don’t think it will help.

But somehow just speaking the words that identified my acrimonious attitude made it a little bit better.

And then today I had a really good day. No, really. I did. It was quite nice actually.

And since I have been sharing my many bad days recently, I thought I’d share some of the good stuff that happened.

Yoga Class – I went to a yoga class first thing this morning. It was taught by my favorite teacher, and it completely kicked my butt. Like I’m-too-sweaty-to-be-crabby kind of kicked my butt.

Bath and Kitchen Emporium – SRH and I are going to re-do the bathroom this spring because we seriously have one of the ugliest bathrooms this side of the Mason-Dixon. Truly, people cringe when we show it to them.

So SRH and I visited a local kitchen and bath showroom to look at bathtubs. Turns out that we’re not going to buy a new bathtub this year because the only thing we would gain would be, um, a deeper tub. And that really doesn’t justify the cost. And no new tub = no new flooring = easier renovation = fewer headaches AND less ducats out of our pocket.


Lunch – I had lunch today with an old friend with whom I had lost touch. (Look at that grammar. Eh, eh? Seems that crabbiness doesn’t affect the entire noggin. I can still rock the correct object of a preposition.) Anyway, she’s the kind of friend that reminds you that you are a good mother, a good partner, and a fairly decent human being. And it’s not because she stinks at those things so you feel better by comparison. It’s because she makes you believe that your best is good enough.

Must make sure to hang out with her more often.

Scrubbed floor – When I got home from lunch, SRH was on his hands and knees scrubbing our kitchen floor - just because he felt like it needed it.

He almost got lucky then and there.

Dinner – After scrubbing my disgusting kitchen floor, SRH proceeded to make one of my favorite dinners while I sat on the couch cuddling with Zane.

And I didn’t feel guilty about it for one moment.

Hot Tub – After dinner, I was feeling a little chilled so I decided to spend some time in the hot tub. Which you might think I’d do all the time since it’s 5 feet from my back door, but I don’t really. SRH doesn’t like the hot tub, and I don’t care to do it alone.

But today was different. It was perfect being out there alone. In fact, I had a moment of panic when Zane appeared at the back door.

Zane: What you doing?

Me: I’m in the hot tub, baby. It’s like a big bath tub. Do you want to come in with me? Please, please, say no, kid. I’m having such a good time out here alone.

Zane: Nope. I don’t like it.

Me: Oh, okay. Next time then, buddy. Whew!

It’s now 8:30pm. Zane’s in bed. SRH is talking about cleaning the bathroom – because he just can’t stand it anymore! - And I’m on the couch watching TV and contemplating making myself a smoothie.

Oh yes, it’s been a very good day.

I think the lesson for me here is to own my crabbiness. Apparently, it makes good things happen.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my fellow Irish people!


Thea said...

LOL! That picture cracks me up. He looks drunk. Love it. Not that drunk kids are cool, but pictures of kids that look drunk always make me laugh. Anyway. I'm glad you had a better day today. And the fact that you have a hot tub just sucks.

Christine said...

What a great day! When the hubby does something and you don't feel guilty, that's the cherry on top! Glad your crabbiness gave you a break!

Karen said...

i absolutely adore you. not just because you said nice things, either.

and yes, let's hang out more often, for sure.

S. said...

I tagged you for a meme.
Go see.

jotcr2 said...

Nah, don't analyse it. Just blame it on the OT, etc etc and that keeps life simple. Only joking. I hate being crabby, although I aren't most of the time. I get very impatient with myself, and want to just get over it already.

Anonymous said...

I guess the luck of the Irish was with you!

Anonymous said...

If I came home and found Lance scrubbing our kitchen floor I'd pass out! Then again, I'd pass out if I saw him doing anything around the house!

Every woman is entitled to a crabby week every once in awhile. And it's great that your hubby wants to help. Alone time always cures me of crabbiness (and seeing Lance do housework!). It's amazing what gets you going after you live with someone for awhile. Heck with roses and champaign, I'd do anything if he'd do the laundry! LOL

Tree Monkey

Zany Mama said...

Who are we kidding? Drunk kids are the best. They're all weave-y on their feet and they go to bed really early.

Thanks for stopping by! Ellen's friends are always so nice (except for Thea), so it's great to have you around!

The feeling is completely mutal, my dear. Who would have thought that working at that dirty shelter would have engendered so many good friendships?

I will go see momentarily!

(Can I call you jo? I'm not sure.) I think the thing for me is that I am also not typically crabby. Therefore, I handle it without grace.

Which makes me crankier. Vicious cycle that.

It's about time my-heritage-that-noone-knows helped me out with something.

Belly up to the bar!

Tree Monkey-
Two things: 1. it is clear that you have expereinced the bliss that is only-childom. We love being alone. 2. Think hard before you commit yourself to a man who is unwilling to do laundry. I'm just saying.

zulhai said...

Whatever do ye mean drunk? Sure, he's an angel from heaven, just a darlin' gosoon with a wee hat and a dancin' twinkle in his eye.
Can't a daycent son of Erin have a quiet smoke without being maligned and misnomered with all the stereotypes of the Western World?

Thea said...


Sue said...

What a great day. I love to see hubby cleaning the floors. He actually is always the one to do it. He vacuums too. :) He's a keeper!

I love that picture - he's too cute.

Zany Mama said...

This decent son of Erin should be mindful of his very Irish family history of alcoholism and bad luck.

Your rationalization is contributing to the delinquency of a minor, lady. It's a good thing, the whole picture is photoshopped.

I wouldn't admit that out loud if I were you.

The pic cracks me up each and every time I look at it. That's why I choose to keep SRH - augmented pictures of Zane are priceless.