Monday, January 01, 2007

Limericks for the New Year

Happy First Day of the New Year! I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year last night – even if a “great time” means that you went didn’t drink a thing and went to bed early.

I was pondering writing a year-end type post yesterday but realized that I was actually feeling a little bummed out and overwhelmed as my gallbladder is acting wonky, and I return to work tomorrow. Since I didn’t want a post full of
“whine, whine, snark, whine, whine”, I decided to hold off posting until today.

In my best former-psychotherapist tradition, I have written a series of limericks to show how I was feeling yesterday, and how I have reframed those same events into new verses today. (Reframing is one of those old counseling “mind game” techniques that are actually quite effective).

So, again the old ditties illustrate my perspective yesterday, and the new ones reflect a heart brimming with sunshine, kittens, and flowers for the New Year.

Gallbladder - Old
My gallbladder’s gone on the fritz,
Which makes eating normally the pits.
I’ve cut out all fat.
I may chew my hat.
This menu is giving me fits.

Gallbladder – New
This is really a good opportunity.
I’ve been eating with wild, abandoned impunity.
I will surely lose weight.
Eating healthy is great.
Soon I’ll join the “hot mama” community.

Childcare – Old
I must find another child care provider.
Although the grandparents make Zane politer,
Grandma fell off her chair in a faint.
Safe for Zane any longer, it ain’t.

Feeling pressed under a load that’s no lighter.

Childcare –New
Zane is such a wonderful boy-
New childcare will find him a joy.
Big decisions to make,
For our baby boy’s sake,
Do I stay home or stay in employ?

Zane’s Asthma – Old
Midway through Zane’s asthma season
His coughing flares up for no reason.
Massive amount of meds-
A fact that fills me with dread.
A mama with a sick boy, there’s no pleasin’.

Zane’s Asthma – New
Zane’s asthma is better than last year,
When we lived in constant ER-fear,
Lots of meds, oh sure,
And we can’t hope for a cure,
But at least our course of action is clear.

Food allergies - Old
If I felt overwhelmed by dairy and soy,
Adding eggs, peanuts, tree nuts to the list was no joy,
Now we increase by two,
Oranges and bananas are through,
What, I ask, will fuel my growing boy?

Food allergies – New
Four of eight major allergens on our “don’t eat” list,
Oranges and bananas add barely a twist,
Easy to evade,
Of few foods they are made.
Those two measly fruits won’t be missed.

So, that’s it: my best Suzie Sunshine outlook for moving into the New Year. My mother would be so proud.


allrileyedup said...

There once was a girl named Zany Mama
Whose blog is more fun than riding a llama.
Because llamas will spit,
And they smell like sh*t,
Whereas Zany makes me laugh with her drama.

Kristi said...

I know of a mama named Zany
Whose blog was kooky and brainy
The bladder of gall...
The allergies of all...
Gives me reason to complainy.


lsig said...

A good friend of mine has a blog.
Her topics could make a girl sob.
But with razor-sharp wit
And neat phrases that fit,
Her entries instead are quite mod.

(I once made a bet for steak dinner.
I'm not quite sure who is the winner.
The terms were quite mean.
Our peer group, it would seem,
Is made up of ornery sinners.)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of your secretory gland.
I wish you all good respiration and gastrointestinal fortitude in the new year!

Mom said...

Proud doesn't begin to describe my feelings after this blog.

belsum said...

Oh my.

Sue said...

Love your verses. Very creative. My daughter is 2 1/2 and is allergic to dairy. I'll be looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Zany Mama said...

Llamas! SRH's brother once had a dream of owning a llama farm - but see, there I go with the crazy family stories again...

(loved your limerick!)

I know that very few words rhyme with Zany, but I'm still going to choose to believe that you picked "brainy" as a very specific adjective for me.

Be careful, between "hot" and "brainy", I may ask you to move in with us. A girl could get used to this constant validation.

Damn, the english major brings it yet again.

Thanks for the well wishes - and I only wish my gall bladder were so pretty. I'm guessing it's all beatup and inflamed these days.

Shut it. You're the one who gave me the bum gall bladder in the first place.

It's true, things just gets better and better around here in the RH household.

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear about the dairy allergy. We should probably compare reaction symptoms some time - Zane has a very specific reaction to dairy which is different, say, than his reaction to soy, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts.

Truly, I could talk about the food allergy insanity forever. It's nice to have an interested ear.