Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Once a month, I gather with a few women who are in senior level positions where I work. I did nothing to deserve the invitation to these small gatherings; I get to go simply as a function of my position.

(Some people get to go to Sweden on business trips or eat at fancy restaurants on their company; I get to regularly hang out with really fabulous women. One adjusts.)

While I feel a wee bit intimidated by the august and dignified personages who attend the gathering with me, I’m also aware that they are also just really nice women who, incidentally, have managed to achieve A LOT in their careers.

And although I am at least 20 years younger than every other woman in the group, they are also unequivocally kind and welcoming to me. Which is why I was mortified to hear the following come out of my mouth last evening:

Yes, but you have to get the kind that doesn’t cause fish burps.

Some people can truly find their niche in any discourse and make advantageous connections while engaging others in pleasant conversation. Me, not so much.


lsig said...

Some people get to go to Sweden on business trips

Hey, that's me! Not lately, though. We'll see what happens after the re-org.

Zany Mama said...

Yeah I was pretty envious of your glamorous job at an high-powered, international corporation until that whole re-org thing.

I'll be jealous again, though, the next time you leave the country.

I am not a big person.

Kristi said...

My last corporate workplace consisted of older women constantly reminding me how catty and ugly women can be to each other.

No fish burp talk, though. I really missed out.

rb said...

I travel internationally quite often on "business." But remember, there are some "business" trips that you have to pay out of your own pockets like me.... I don't know, maybe I am a rare kind. I am going to two different countries in Asia in several weeks - all paid for by ME. Exciting, but very depressing at the same time. I am only hoping that I will not be in red when I return.

rb said...

Oh, I forgot to talk about the fish oil thing. I take fish oil too. The other day my friend told me that her coworker was concerned about her potentially fishy breath since she started taking fish oil. "No way it smells fishy! I take it and I smell nothing" - I was confident. I realized that night that the bottle I have says "odorless" - that means some do smell! Then as I take it, it does smell! The other day I felt sick after i took fish oil with the "smell." Maybe I am just imagining. I wish if I could just eat good fish - it's impossible living in Ohio. A sad story of a fish lover.

lsig said...

"Glamorous"? "High-powered"? I think you may have me confused with some other lsig. I work in a cubicle. Nothing glamorous about that. :)

Zany Mama said...

Well, we all can't roll with the power-playin-fish-oil-discussing women that I do. I work in a really special environment, it's true.

I'll just be glad when you return. I always get just a little nervous when anyone I know if flying that far away. Bon voyage!

"Odorless" is good. My bottle says, "No Fish Burps" right on it, which I would argue is even better- and classier.

My job had never required that I travel to exotic lands or meet tall blond men. That goes for glamorous in my book.

But I got you on the cube, not so high powered there.

belsum said...

Heh. Nice slam on lis. I'm jealous of her world-travelling, too!