Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Life in Verse

I feel like I have left a lot of threads hanging recently on this oh-so-exciting blog, for example – where are SRH and I going on our first vacation without Zane? Is potty training really the wave of the future in my house or will I be changing diapers for the next 15 years? What have I gorged myself silly on this week? Have I sent any hate mail to the yoga teacher who messed up my back? What’s been going on at work lately?

So today, I will tie up some of these threads in the ever-elegant verse of the haiku.* (Thanks to Dustin for giving me this idea from his last post).


Must go cheap and close
Traverse City, Michigan
Place of child-free bliss

Potty Training

Hear his little voice
I tinkle potty, mama
He’s not quite there yet.

Sausage Serenade

I do love sausage
Though it makes my belly hurt
Twelve is too many.

My Back Still Hurts

Stupid yoga class
Back ache and bad attitude
Now ibuprofen


Big meeting today
Lunch with the Muckety-Mucks
Outcome is not known

*Editor’s note: My humble apologies for my treatment of this beautiful art form. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Japanese masters had in mind.


peefer said...

This is EXACTLY what the Japanese Masters had in mind: simple elegant verse designed to make us ponder for hours.

... ponder for hours about things like HOW BIG IS YOUR STOMACH, WOMAN?!

Dustin said...

About that sausage, SRH was supposed to invite me over for dinner last night, but I think he intentionally gave me wrong directions because he knew having a 3rd contender for the sausage might have started a ruckus.

SRH said...

Well, that and, Dustin, you do live in New York City. It would have been a heck of a commute for dinner.

Mom said...

Wonderful mother
Who can too set some limits
Pitiful daughter

Dustin said...

SRH, is that geo-discrimination I see??? How dare you assume I don't have a private jet. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!

SRH said...

Dustin, you don't even have airconditioning....

Zany Mama said...

You ask an interesting question. SRH has put forth a variety of theories about my ability to eat: hollow leg, two stomachs, quantum singularity, but really I do not have a good explanation. I'm just grateful.

SRH is forever keeping me from dinner company. It wasn't about the sausage, but just in case, call me next time and I'll make sure to get two 14-link packages.

The trip from NYC is actually pretty straight forward (just I-90 for a long time). He totally could have made it here. You just don't want me to have any fun.

mom -
delusional mom
believing she can no wrong
daughter is more sane

srh -
Actually, I believe it was more oppression of the curly-haired. SRH likes to be the only man with ringlets in a room.

What is this pathological need to thwart Dustin? Am I going to have to go all therapist on you?

kenya said...

okay, i see that mom did it first, but:

masters may not mind
talent comes in many forms
life is art, its true!

sausage, tinkles, pain
all so funny through your words
have fun on the trip

wait a minute - TWELVE??!!
talented in many ways
ha ha ha ha ha!

Zany Mama said...

Do you think there's a market for a dual-mommy blog composed only of silly haikus?

If so, I think we should go into business...

Dustin said...

Pathological indeed. I won't blame SRH for being afraid of my curls, though. Their brilliance strikes fear into the hearts of many.