Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Very Good Day

Lest folks begin to believe that I am some whiny wench who only talks about my kid’s health problems and my weird obsessions and/or general looniness, I thought I’d actually share something positive.

I had a great day yesterday. That’s right, it's true. I had a great day yesterday. I’ll explain.

Yesterday, SRH slept in late - he usually leaves the house by 6am- and so was around for the morning ritual with Zane. Typically, the morning time with Z is usually one of my favorite parts of the day – he’s all soft and snuggly in the morning, and we have several rituals that are lots of fun and very sweet. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a little help in the A.M.

For example, SRH was able to help me with wrestling Zane to get his “breathy” done. He was able to hit “forward” on the DVD at the section when the old bridge falls out from under Duncan the Train, so that Zane doesn’t have to witness such a traumatic event. (In case you were wondering, I believe that it is Toby that pulls Duncan to safety). And best of all, I shave 40 minutes off my morning because then SRH takes Zane to childcare. It is beautiful!

At work, I actually went to a conference where really helpful information was given. No lie. I actually enjoyed the conference. I left with some great ideas and clear next steps. I know. I know. A conference I liked. Unbelievable.

Then, I got to leave work a little early. I mean, who goes back to work after a day-long conference is over? I believe that the folks who do are maybe a little obsessed. Or maybe they’re just more successful in their careers than I am. Hmmm…

I went to the library – ah bliss! Actually got to search for books without a little boy tearing them off the shelves or my saying “Shhh!” a million times.

Then I went to a great yoga class. While the class itself was very good, I believe that it was particularly enjoyable because as I was doing yoga, my in-laws were passing through town on their way down south. So instead of mother-in-law-hell, I was vinyasa-ing my way to a better me. A leaner and stronger me. A calmer me. A me of acceptance and integrity. A me that will not engage in bedtime struggles with my toddler.

Which leads to the one bad part of the day. The bedtime struggle with Zane that has become a nightly battle of frustration, crying, and gnashing of teeth. In hindsight, perhaps I should have eaten before putting him to bed. (I hadn’t eaten since noon). But also, perhaps, he should just go to bed when he’s supposed to!

Anyway, in an anorexia-induced rage I argued with Zane and SRH – all within 10 minutes. There is a saying in my family – Somebody get Zany Mama a cookie, she’s getting mean. I’d like to believe that I will outgrow this immaturity. That maybe this feed-me-cause-I’m-cranky affliction will go away on its own. That perhaps, I will move beyond it. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to think, at age 32, that it will be with me for the long term.

To wrap up, I finally ate. Baby went to sleep, and SRH and I made up.

So, except for that hour of low-blood-sugar-fueled-irrationality, it was a very good day.


klm6022 said...

There's nothing wrong with feeding anger a cookie, or any kind of unhealthy food. All of my loved ones know that if I don't eat I get cranky, it's just something that they will have to live with.

Zany Mama said...

I kind of feel like you are another alcoholic helping me to justify my drinking. Whatever. I'll take support wherever I can get it. Cheers!