Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cats, Haircuts, Bad Husbands, and Vacations

Lots to blog about today: one of our “marriage cats” died this morning, Eily got her first haircut and I cry foul on the stylists, betrayal from the one I love, and Zane goes on his first vacation sans mama and papa tomorrow.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

RIP Marriage Cat
Scott and I got two kittens 5 days after we were married. The smaller one, Lenny, was very sick with an eye infection when we picked him out, but I couldn’t resist his Russian Blue fur and the sweet look in his eyes. Fast forward 6 years, Zane had visited the ER 3 times in 3 months for severe asthma attacks and the allergist said the cats had to go. So with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we gave our beloved “marriage cats” to SRH’s parents.

They said they would take good care of them. They said they were happy to help us out. They even said that our skittish Lenny (who was always that nervous kind of skinny cat that never let folks touch him) had become a fat lapcat. Whatever their story, here we are 6 years later, and our beloved Lenny is dead.

I’m sure it was something my mother-in-law did.

I jest. I jest.


So, we’re very sad here in CASA RH. Well, two of the four of us are sad. The little people have no recollection of cats in this house. But I do, and my heart is heavy today.

Eily’s Haircut
Crazy, curly-headed Eily got her hair cut for the first time yesterday. And it was fine - one of those kid-friendly places where they take a picture, make a certificate, and give a balloon for the first haircut.

I say it was fine, but the stylists (there were two because now I have two kids and we made simultaneous appointments) actually kind of honked me off during the hair cut. In what I’m sure was supposed to be helpful advice-giving, they said that I needed to start “doing” her hair up in ponytails and such. To get her used to it.

Oh, and I should leave on the conditioner after washing her hair. And I shouldn’t wash it more than 2 times per week so that it doesn’t get frizzy. And I should use some sort of moisturizing product to tame the frizzies as well. (And since we’re being ever so helpful, I should probably leave the conditioner on Zane’s hair, too.)

Exhibit A is below. Eily’s hair is about 3 inches long when you straighten out the curls. It is very rarely frizzy and never dry. She looked like she was sucking on a lemon the entire time they were putting their little rubber bands in it, and she kept trying to pull the pig tails out after they had them in.

She’s a baby for goodness sakes. Can we not - at 14 months - start with the “girls should look this way” bullshit?
Exhibit A - Eily in Pig Tails

That being said, those darn pigtails were so cute that Zane kept asking me to put her hair in the “tails” today. Oy vey.

In college, SRH and I were in an honor’s fraternity. (Perhaps I should have saved that information for my “Chronicles of the Uncool - Episode 2” post?) Anyhoo...we were in this fraternity. It’s where we met. We made lifelong friends, blah, blah, blah...

But I don’t really care about the fraternity anymore. I rarely think of it, truth be told.

But through the magic of Facebook, it’s popped its head back into our lives. Now, I’m not on Facebook, being a person who doesn’t care about people in general - and specifically those from my past. But SRH is on - and he totally sold me out today.

They wanted updated info, but since I have dropped off their email list, they only contacted SRH. Who promptly gave them my email and address! And not even my crappy, secondary gmail account, but my real-deal, work email.

First one of the marriage cats dies. Now my partner has sold me out. This relationship can’t last that much longer, I think.

(On the other hand, I don’t relish the idea of starting off my ad with “must love kids”, so perhaps I’ll keep him around.)

Zane Vacation
As a last “hoorah” before school starts, Zane is leaving tomorrow with my mother for a three-day vacation. It will be his first time away from the two of us for that long of a time. I’ve been away that long. SRH has been away that long, but the kids have never been away from us that long.

He’s completely looking forward to it. I feel a little sick - and yes a little giddy, too - every time I think of it.

We’ll see how we all do...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Lenny. That just sucks.

Good Lord, could that child be any cuter?? I think not!

SRH, you dumbass!

Zane, have an amazing time!!

Sandy said...

I'm feeling the Lenny pain. My Midnight, she of 19 years, died last Saturday. Lenny reminded me so much of her, maybe they are dating on the "other side."

I'm surprised they didn't recommend bows for her hair. I mean come on, do they want her to be sooo cute that strangers will begin picking her up, which will require mama smacking them down?

Sandy said...

Oooh, maybe you could pierce her ears!!

belsum said...

Oh lordy. I hadn't even thought about not doing Ronnie's hair girly enough. *headdesk* We've always just done Kirk's hair ourselves; Daddy gets out the clippers...I suspect a mohawk is coming next.

I'm so sorry about your kitty. It's so hard. Even though he wasn't living with you anymore, he was still once yours.

Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Very sad. Sorry too about SRH - sometimes men don't think. Eily is just the cutest. I never did the clips pony tails. They couldn't stand them. Now they're starting to like them but they're 3 1/2 and 5. I have to force some thing now otherwise Alysa walks around looking like cousin IT with her hair all in her face. But neither have been to a salon for hair cuts. Do they still do balloons for a first hair cut when they're 20? :) I do them now... :)

Hope Zane's vacation goes well - hope he has fun!

Zany Mama said...

I'll respond in kind.

Yep, totally sucks about the cat.

Indeed, Eily could not be cuter - or more strong-willed.

SRH prefers to be called an asshat. :)

Zane totally had an excellent vacation without his parents.

Sandy -
People already touch her curls. And they don't even seem to be that discouraged when I smack their hands. The curls are that cute.

Pierced ears - good idea.

It's amazing how much "girly" stuff folks feel free to comment on. I don't remember the same phenom with Zane. And yes, it's just starting for bundle.

I think you should DEMAND balloons for their first haircut at 20. That would be hilarious.