Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To Infinitive and Beyond!

There are many quirks that come with Zane’s sensory processing disorder that are quite charming. For example, he gives me directions to wherever we’re going (he always has a preference), I never have to wonder what to get him for a gift (trains), and he has an urgent need to have a blanket covering his pillow at night so he doesn’t “stick”.

You see the charm here, right? These idiosyncrasies are easy to accommodate, and they make him feel secure – we all win. So while I’ve appreciated all the help he’s gotten from occupational therapy, I’ve also secretly hoped that he doesn’t lose these loveable little foibles that make him uniquely him.

But as his auditory processing improves with occupational therapy, he’s talking more and more – which is actually giving us a whole new set of things to feel delighted by. Recently, it’s like we’ve had a little person who doesn’t speak English as his first language living with us. More to the point, the child is in love with infinitives.

My favorite so far:

Mama, I like this music. It makes me feel like to dance.

So dance, my sweet boy, dance. Whenever you feel like to dance, you go right ahead.


Sue said...

That is really sweet.

Sandy said...

Maybe he and Seth could start a reality dance show, "feel like to dancing with the toddlers/preschoolers.? What do you think?


Zany Mama said...

He is truly just a sweet, sweet boy. I'm such a proud mama.

That would be awesome...we might be the only two people in the world who would watch, but I still think we should give it a go.

SasseyFrass said...

awwww, how cute!

belsum said...

I love feeing like to dance. You go Little Man.

Zany Mama said...

The really sweet thing is the way your girl comforted Zane at preschool last week - she drew him a picture and followed him around until he stopped crying. I was all like, "Wow. That kid is way nicer than mine."

We've been a regular old dance party up in this house lately!