Friday, March 23, 2007

Real Moms Meme

Before knowing about my meme performance anxiety, S. and Nancy both tagged me for this meme. And as luck would have it, this particular meme has elicited some really amazing posts out in the blogosphere.

So yeah…no pressure. Here it goes.


Real moms…

…are stunning, brilliant, breathtaking, wondrous in the multiplicity of their hues.

Real moms are the full blue-black of eggplant, with profoundly dark eyes gazing at their child.
They are the deep brown of bittersweet chocolate, with all of the flavor that this implies.
Their chestnut skin is vivid with the fire of life and love, and loss, and family.
They are the color of wet sand, warm and soft beneath their children’s bodies.

Real moms are shades of caramel and butterscotch, creamy with sugary flavor.
They are cream darkened by the sun to a beige made radiant.
The hint of peaches glows through their faces as freckles, laughter, tears.
Their skin is alabaster and shows the fragility beneath wise words and loving embraces.

And they are every gradation in between.

They are the same. They are vastly different.

They are real.


So, I’m not sure how this works, but I think I’m supposed to credit Kristen with starting this meme, and then I’m supposed to tag a few people.

Will the following bloggers please consider themselves tagged?


Brenda said...

That was beautiful...what a gift you have.

Garbo said...

I liked both the Real Moms meme and the Partners one. For the latter, I think there is no shame in DVR'ing Moving Up. I am addicted to those decluttering shows. Actual decluttering is boring and painful and slow but TV decluttering is fast and easy.

nancy said...

Wow - that was beautiful! Rather poetic, in a most brilliant, non-rhyming fashion. I love it. Thanx for playing.

But, you're busted, cause now I know you will do a meme, even on a withdrawn tag.

Zany Mama said...

Aw, thanks. I was a little nervous to post it, so I appreciate your words.

Thanks much. And for the record, I have only DVR'd two episodes of Moving Up. SRH is a bit of a storyteller. (But I, too, adore home improvement shows. It's my reality tv vice).

Maybe I just did this meme to lull you into a false sense of meme-tagging security.

I'm a very tricky, unpredictable minx.

Anonymous said...

Yay for real moms! I'm a big fan of the mom position in general since it's the only one I really knew growing up.

But having said something almost heart felt, I must of course follow it up my usual smart ass remark...what color are fake mom's? =)

Thea said...

That was beautiful. Mine is much more plain (and a little bitter now that I read it again)...

Zany Mama said...

I didn't want to bring them up, but I'm quite sure that fake moms are the same color as that nasty nacho cheese stuff that is sold at most stadiums.

(And your comment is so much something that SRH would say that I'm a little freaked out right now.)

Bitterness is the daily pill of motherhood. It's chased by a shot of guilt and regret.

That's the part I forgot to put in my "poem".

zulhai said...

I finished mine! Yaay me. I definitely had to make an effort to stay away from the guilt. It's only on TV that moms don't have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Such a comfort to read about the real lives of the actresses who play them.

Sue said...

That's really great. You have a great way of writing.


Zany Mama said...

Can't wait to read it!

(Also, I am going to admit that I'm reading a book about a REAL LIFE" holywood nanny who is dishing about stars who say they do it all. I can barely put it down. I am so sad.)

Thanks. I thought I'd try something different. But don't expect me to bring the serious very often. I just can't do it.