Saturday, February 10, 2007

Desperate Times Call For Complete Irrelevant Measures

What’s a mama to do when her child has been sick for two weeks? When he still needs breathing treatments every 4 – 4 ½ hours? When she’s in full “sick child” mode morning, noon, and night? When she thinks he’s getting better, but she’s not quite sure?

She redecorates her bedroom, of course.

Craziness, to be sure. But I decided today that I can’t stand my bedroom for one. more. second. It must change. It must radically change.

I hate my bedroom, folks, and this is no way to live.

And if you are speculating that perhaps this mama is taking control of her physical environment because she can’t control her kid’s health right now, you’re wrong. Plus, nobody likes armchair psychologists.

Today, I told SRH that we were going to paint our bedroom. And we need new window treatments. And he needs a new dresser. And I hate the stand the TV is on, and it’s too cluttered, cluttered, cluttered…

SRH looked slightly frightened, but he agreed to my demands.

So after my yoga class this morning, we went to the paint store. (He may have made me agree to go to yoga before buying paint so that I could calm down about the whole thing, but it didn’t work. I was still raring to go, because my bedroom is a pit of despair, and I needed to change that TODAY.)

So we stood in the paint store for 45 minutes debating which blue was soothing and yet vibrant and finally decided to buy samples of 5 colors to take home to test them out.

I know. Who am I - getting samples to “live with” the color for a week? I wanted a new bedroom today, yo, not next week. But since we couldn’t agree, it made sense to wait a bit. Plus, I was feeling pretty good since SRH walked into the store not wanting a blue bedroom, and I came out with 5 hues of blue with which to make my currently dreadful sleeping digs into an inviting azure oasis.

Then we scoured the town for a dresser –and I think we found one, but we’re sleeping on it. I bought window shades and valances this evening. (And lest you begin to believe that we are made of money, we went cheap, cheap, cheap on everything but the paint.)

But the issue is the paint. Here are my options.

I’m leaning toward the top color and the one below it to the left. I’d be willing to hear your opinions, though – as long as you realize that I’ve got my heart set on the 2nd color, and I probably won’t be deterred.


Sue said...

I've despised my bedroom for as long as we've lived here (5 years). We just finally got new furniture, so the bedding and curtains will come next. Probably this spring. :) I don't blame you one bit!

I like the bottom left color the best - but it's more of a purpl'ish and I love purple. But I would definitely go with your 2 favorites over the 2 on the right.

Have fun remaking your bedroom. It can do wonders for you. Our actual bed is still on order, but just having new dressers has made such a difference. :)

zulhai said...

I agree with the second choice. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks light enough and with enough grey in it that when the whole room is that colour the walls will dissolve into a drifting celestial bubble of infinitude.
P.S. Walmart has clear paint with tiny silver metallic stars mixed in. Ceiling treatment?

lsig said...

Your first choice looks a lot like my living room color, actually- if it is as gray as it looks on my screen, which it may not be.


Nadolny said...

Not for nothing, but...

I like the lower left one. I really dislike the two on the right sides.

L. Noelle said...

We actually have our bedroom painted a very similar shade of light blue, and I love it! It's very soothing and relaxing along with the white trim and ceiling. Flowing white curtains also help, very Bahamas Vacation! It's amazing what a little paint will do! You'll love it.

zingerzapper said...

it's hard to tell but I like the second row on the left. But who am I to tell, my rooms are in various shades of blue, except the bathroom which is a beautiful lime green. Oh man, I think I need to paint too. My house looks so dreadfully bland now that I have been inspired by the blue. Onward Mr. Roach! To the paint store.

Zany Mama said...

You comment reminded me that I actually like a lot of things about my bedroom - the bed, bedding, my dresser, etc. Which then got me thinking that everything about the bedroom that I love was something we spent a little more money on so that it would last. Which made me buy the more expensive dresser that I was eyeing vs. the cheap one that I had been considering.

So I guess what I'm saying is that your comment cost me money. Please remit apology payment to

I'm so glad you get my need to need to float within a healing firmament, however, SRH might choke on the donut he's eating if I suggested we paint the ceiling.

Yeah, the pic kind of stinks. It's a color called "antique glassware" - and it is a bit gray.

I can't wait to see your house!!!!

You surprise me. I wouldn't have picked you for a fan of the purple. I myself adore purple, but I'm slowly realizing how much we have in common.

We have white trim as well and the valances and shades I picked are white. Delightful!

While I've never been to the Bahamas - and I'm still a little mad at you for getting to go - I had envisioned a kind of beachy-cottage thing, so it sounds like I'm on the right track.

You know I like to make Mr. Roach work.

Lynn said...

In our last house, my husband and I had our bedroom painted a very light blue, like your top example. It was wonderful! Very peaceful and inspiring. It made it more beautiful because that room got a lot of light in the daytime. I miss that room!

Happy re-nesting!!

Zany Mama said...

Re-nesting indeed. I haven't liked the room for years - but I blame this at least partially on
SRH's and my insane insistence on co-sleeping with our long, bony preschooler, but now I'm actually looking forward to spending time in there.

Thanks for coming by!