Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yes, I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

Written yesterday…

I am ashamed to say that this blog is the way that some of my friends keep up with my life. I feel this shame not because I don’t appreciate that they see the blog as a place for friendly facts and updates and the occasional story about how I flash unsuspecting papas at the swimming pool. But rather, I’m ashamed because I really should pick up the phone every now and again or update people in person. I’m also a bit chagrined because sometimes when I relate a story to my friends a quick flash of Didn’t you read my blog? goes through mind.

(As an aside here, SRH had a blog for almost a full year before I started reading it regularly. How weird is that? Who doesn’t read their partner’s blog? Now that I also blog, I think my past behavior could only be labeled as utter lunacy).

But back to my point: I kind of stink at the whole keeping in touch thing.

So yet again I’m going to use this blog as an announcement space for those of you who are wondering why I didn’t call you today to tell you how Zane’s hearing evaluation went.

In short, it didn’t. We didn’t have it. In other words, it went fine for an appointment we didn’t keep.

I haven’t mentioned it, but Zane has been sick all week. Monday morning he woke up with a cough. By Monday afternoon, he had a fever. By Monday night the fever was 104.3 degrees. It came down pretty quickly, and he’s been hovering between 100-101 degrees for the rest of the week. Not the best scenario, but we were pleased that his breathing, while aggravated, was not really progressing to troublesome.

So I took off work all this week, and Zane and I hung out at home – making messes and watching train videos.

He had been getting progressively better until last night. He was up a good part of the night coughing, and we had to give him several breathing treatments.

By this morning, he was coughing non-stop so I figured that I’d better cancel the hearing test and see what the doctor had to say.

The doctor had to this to say, Hey, I bet you’re just glad you don’t have to take him to the ER this time.

Yep, I am glad. Good point, really. Not having to go to the ER is always a positive thing, but what I’m less glad about is that Zane’s back on Orapred – an evil, vile, madness-inducing drug that happens to save his life a few times a year.

It sucks really. And while I hate to rip off my partner’s blog, SRH has the best description of what Zane is like on that particular medication. (See Insane Little Man)

I can’t say it better than those pictures.

A second not so good thing is that I’m writing this particular post while flying to Boulder, CO for a conference. Oh, there’s nothing like leaving a sick child. Unless it’s leaving the sick child on a powerful steroid, which will cause a frenzy of uncomfortable and unmanageable symptoms but will hopefully keep him out of the hospital.

Mother of the Year? Anyone? Anyone?

In summary, Zane really is okay. He’s on a crazy dose of medication that has done us well in the past, and it will start to take care of his breathing within the next 6 hours or so.

In another summary, the hearing test that he didn’t have today was inconclusive so we’ll have to do it in another week or so.

Written this morning…

Do you notice how positive the above post is? Oh sure, I was worried a bit about Zane, but he was on the right medication, and his doctor assured me that my traveling was not going to be a big deal. I hated leaving him, but I was feeling confident that by the time I touched down, he was going to be well on the road to recovery.

You see where this is going right?

To avoid an overly involved explanation, Zane ended up in the ER last night, as he just wasn’t getting better. As you might guess, I have never felt more worried or guilty. This was made no better by the fact that I soon got out of cell phone range, and I couldn’t find any place with wireless access so that I could check out flights home. I got lost several times on the way to the resort – which I knew had wireless access and phones so I was desperate to get there, and I couldn’t find out what was going on with my child. It was a terrible, terrible night.

About midnight in Colorado (3am in Columbus), SRH and I finally got a hold of each other, and he let me know that Zane was starting to do better.

We talked again this morning, and Zane is doing great. (Oh, sweet relief!) The Orapred has finally kicked in, and his breathing is managed. SRH assures me that there is no reason to come home, and in fact has warned me against it as we have a little boy who is sky-high on steroids right now, and it ain’t a pretty sight.

So here are the lessons learned for me:

  1. Never schedule a trip where I have to take a plane during the months of October through March. Yes, this might seem extreme, but it just isn’t worth all that we went through last night. I should have been home. I wanted to be home, and there was no way to make that happen.
  2. I should always carry a pre-paid calling card. I knew the resort was in a secluded area, but the word “remote” doesn’t even begin to describe where I am right now. We are truly a far piece from any town, and it is truly a miracle that there is internet access.
  3. This whole mothering and working outside the home thing is challenging, and sometimes I’m going to make the wrong decisions based on what seems like really good info at the time.

In yet another summary, Zane really is fine. He truly, truly is. I’m starting to be fine, and SRH is stuck at home with a maniac.


SRH said...

As an update to the update:

Little Man's breathing is really solid. Much like our trip to the Chicago ER in June scared the coughing away, the trip to the ER last night worked similarly.

The ER was full. By full I mean children with respitory distress (Little Man) had a 3 hour wait to get into a bed and get seen by a Dr. When we went to the ER Little Man needed breathies (aerosol breathing treatments of Attrovent (sp?) and Xopenex) every 2 hours. The wait for a room was at least 2 hours and it had been around 2 hours since his last breathy when we went in.

Around midnight, 3 hours after his last Breathie, the Orapred's helpful effects kicked in. So we informed the hospital staff that we were going home because his breathing was better. Around 4/5 am his coughing finally went away pretty much completely.

Once Wifey (Zany Mama) got to the conference center/resort we could actually keep in contact. Everyone is doing well now, but the mania is starting to hit Little Man. He. Is. Nuts. Right. Now.

To Recap:
Yes, this is pretty much like a guest post
It is just in the comments section
Little Man is off his rocker wired right now
I need lots of sleep
I also need a clean house before company gets here on Tuesday for the beginning of Turkey Day extravaganza 2006
Zany Mama was beside herself last night
All is well right now
Mimma is really stepping up this weekend
It would be much more difficult without her running interference
I repeat all is well
Except that Zane is flatout loony with a capital L (so I guess it would be Loony)
Orapred causes unslakable thirst, insatiable hunger, and unmitigated mania
Zany Mama should be very happy to be 6 states away right now
But I know she is not happy about this at all
If nothing, she has conversation starters all weekend
I am going back to bed

allrileyedup said...

Poor dear. I hate to sound like one of those people who constantly go, "Me too!" but here goes... my son has taken Orapred as well, and I thoroughly support your definition of it as evil and vile. I'm taking an entirely new approach with my son--chiropractor. More updates to come.

Regarding your KIT dilemma, I usually spend one day a month calling everyone in my world and talking for as long as I need to. Sometimes, this means I give over a good 8 hours. Other times, it means I leave 15-20 phone messages. Thanks goodness for headsets.

Atmikha said...

One day you will live free from the tyranny of this wacked out immune system. That day will begin with allergy shots, when your son is about 6-7, and can sit through the ordeal of the testing. Until then, hang tough.
BTW, did you ever find the recipe for flourless, eggless cut out cookies? I know this isn't what you are looking for, but maybe this can be adapted:

Dustin said...

Poor guy. Glad to hear he's doing better. I think you and SRH earned "Best Parents Of the Year" Award long ago.

Zany Mama said...

Thanks for making the update. My internet connection was spotty at best. It's good to be home.

Interestingly enough, I can never get enough of the "me too" when it comes to commiseration about children's health issues or embarrasing scenes at the pool.

Let me know how the chiropractic thing works out for you guys. I'm up for anything.

Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel, although sometimes it's hard to believe it's there. (Even if the light is allergy shots, which seems like a poor light, but I'll take it.)

Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out.

Thanks. And if by "best parents", you mean parents who keep trying no matter what, then I guess we fit that. Much appreciation.

Anonymous said...

OK. Here's another:,1813,158175-225202,00.html
Hope I'm not boring you with these links. I just sympathize with your plight, since I've been dancing to that same tune for 15 years and counting.

belsum said...


And I totally sympathize with the "Didn't you read my last entry?!" thoughts. I hate it when friends do it to me, and yet I do it right back to other friends. I've tried to compromise by sharing the outline and saying something like, "If you're interested, there are more details here:" I don't know if that's really better though.

Zany Mama said...

Always, always, always - thank you. It can be really hard to cope with the daily reality of multiple food allergies. All help is appreciated - and never boring.

So I'm going to consider myself in good company!