Friday, September 22, 2006

Overheard at the Water Cooler

“The problem is that American women between the ages of 26-36 years old are broken.”
---- a very obviously single man in his mid to late 30’s

Huh? When I heard this, my first response was to sputter and rant about the blatant sexism of the statement, but that doesn’t seem to be very much fun, really. It’s too easy.

What quick and witty comeback would you come up with?


Dustin said...

You should have turned around and said "Were sure as hell are!!! And it was men between the ages of 26-36 that broke us!!!!

Either that or something along the lines of "and you would know all about broken, (name of sexist co-worker), wouldn't ya..."

lsig said...

"No, the problem is that American men between the ages of 26-30 are BROKE."

Anonymous said...

i would be highly upset and really ticked off if i were to overhear that. Something cannot be broken if it was never "fixed or correct" in the first place.

-SRH (or at least that is who i will pin this on)

zingerzapper said...

How about I take this stick and break it off in your poor, broken a--? Oh crap, (begin chanting, "anti-violence, anti-violence".) Ok, I'm working on it.

What about...? Wow, it's sad to hear that you haven't been able to find a woman who is fixed. Because God knows we don't want your sorry ass breeding. If you're interested I'm sure there are plenty of physicians who would love to give you the old 'snip, snip' so you can find the perfect woman to not bear your stupid (and believe me they will be damned to your stupidity) children. How's that?

Zany Mama said...

Good point. If we go with the hypothesis that they are indeed broken, it does beg the question of who did the breaking.

Good grief.

Oooh, good one. I think that there is strong data - and several recent books out - to support your statement.

I am flattered by your attempts to sow strife in my relationship with SRH. xo

Holy crud, I forgot that you would probably have something to say about this particular post!

I am partial to your violent first answer, but the snip snip may be the better solution. After all, then we avoid the dreaded possibility of EVEN MORE broken women.

mrs tiggy-winkle said...

I might have been put off but in my dreams I would have responded: "That's right, we are broken in, sexually. We know exactly what we are doing and what we like."

Zany Mama said...

mrs. tiggy-winkle-
Let me first get out of the way that I love your name. Thanks for coming by!

"...we know exactly what we're doing and what we like"

I would only add that apparently, the guy fails to deliver what we like, so he thinks we're the ones who are broken. It's a classic case of blaming the victim.

RB said...

Well, I would be too upset to say something at the moment, so I'd find him later when he's by himself and probe him for more questions (calmly). He should feel comfortable opening up to me since I'm out of the 26-36 age range. You know, I am very good at asking stupid, sexist, even abusive men probing questions (hint: years of "paid" experience). After all, this encounter may end up being very therapeutic where he'd find out that he was indeed the one that's broken....

Zany Mama said...

You really had me stumped there for a minute! But I figured out who you are, and I will say that, yes, you would have him in the corner eating out of the palm of your hand in about .5 seconds.