Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy 9th Anniversary

Us - on the day I made the best decision of my life.


lsig said...

It was an honor and a pleasure to witness such a happy occasion. Congratulations!

(but, just as an aside, I have 10 years in the over-under pool, so if you're thinking of making a break for it...)

Mom said...

You're still a wonderful couple. But, yeesh, did you both get mushy today.........

Happy Anniversary!

nancy said...

You married a guy in a skirt????

Just kidding!!

Happy Anniversary! Just wait, one more year till baby, diamonds.

SRH said...

Technically, the day of the best decision of your life was when you uttered the romantic phrase of "uh... yeah."

Love you.

Zany Mama said...

I thought the bets were off once kids were involved? You are cold, cold people.

Oh, and thanks for the congratulations. It's really cool to have people in our lives who "knew us when".

Sometimes you have to bring the mush.

I married a man in a skirt - a very expensive skirt since we actually had to end up buying two kilts for the day. (long story there, and I'm a little bitter at a particular kilt company in North Carolina for that).

I am all about the diamonds.

I was not referring to the decision to accept your proposal - I was referring to my decision on our wedding morning not to take off with the pool boy. (And yes, I know, we don't have a pool, but he did work at a pool somewhere).

I love you with everything I have.

peefer said...

Congratulations! That's 63 in dog years! Not that that has anything to do with anything. Oh boy, I'm doing it again, aren't I? Damn Tourette's.

Anonymous said...

Damn Tuesday, i have not seen you in forever and i forgot exactly how hawt you look. i definitely would still hit that. srh is 1 lucky dogg.

happy anny


lsig said...

Dude, I do read this blog!

-Mrs. Ksig

Dustin said...

Can I just tell you how fortunate I feel to have "re-emerged" just in time for this post.

SRH in a world is complete.

P.S. You look nice too. =)

Zany Mama said...

Your neurological affliction made me curious, and here's are other calculations I was able to make:
my marriage = 52 horse years, slightly less than 30 cat years, and 9 elephant years.

ksig and lsig-
I understand this "disagreement" on my blog is some paltry attempt to win a bet you have with a few of our other friends, but I won't fall for it. (ksig, call me!)

dustin, sweet dustin-
I thought, perhaps, you had been hit by a train. Glad to see you back.

By the way, SRH wore the garter.

Dustin said...

Why am I not surprised that you imagined a train being as my instrument of demise. Zane has brainwashed you both. =)

As for the garter, did you toss that to the single ladies instead of your bouquet?

Anonymous said...

ummm, someone must have hacked into my anonymous account and forged my apparent desire to crush Tuesday. For shame you bad, mean, sexy, diabolical hacker. Who do you think you are? Obviously you must be some sort of genius that girls just flock to. You are probably the life of every party and the envy of all of your thousands of friends.

I told you, mrs ksig, that there is no way it could be me. everyone knows you are the peaches of my eye. And obviously yours is the only tree i desire to shake. (thank you mr. steve miller for letting me use those terms).

(uesdayte ialde eme noe yme lackberrybe. ugshe ndae isseske)

Zany Mama said...

ha! I definitely have trains on the brain.

As far the garter goes - I have absolutely no recollection of throwing that or the bouquet, although I'm sure both happened. That's the funny thing about the wedding day - one of the most important days of your life, and those little details slip away from you.

anon -
Got your message loud and clear. xo.

belsum said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations! (Wow, 1997 was a good year for gettin' hitched.)