Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another New Look

Well, as you might have noticed – unless you’re my mother- I have, once again, changed the look of this blog. I figured that if I didn’t mention it, it would become kind of like the “elephant in the living room” - a concept used extensively in substance abuse literature. Since I’m not in denial, and I’m not whacked out on coke, crack, or any other illegal substance, I just thought I’d put it out there. My elephant in the living room is this – I am having great fun looking at my blog in different iterations. It’s a complete self-indulgence.

What will this blog look like in yellow? Purple? Blue? Pink? With polka dots? With stripes? With flowers? Should there be a prominent picture of Zane? It is a blog about raising him, after all. Should I go with a graphic instead? Which graphic? The possibilities are endless! I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and I’m feeling drunk on my blog-template changing power.

So all of this blog changing has been, of course, assisted by my beloved, SRH, who knows way more about that type of thing than I do. I find a template (thanks to Zoot for this one) that I like, and he goes about customizing it for me. You may be seeing this particular tempate for a while, however, as we had the following conversation last night.

Me: I totally love this look. It feels fresh and summery. I’m a little concerned though that I might get tired of the pink – it might be a little more girly than what I feel like most days.

SRH: (Silence).

Me: So I guess what I’m saying is that while I love this tonight, I might be asking you to change it again in a few weeks, so don’t get too attached.

SRH: (Silence – but this time with a little furrow in his brow).

Me: I know. I know. You have to work with Photoshop all day, and then I make you come home and tinker with my blog at night. I’m a horrible wife. But you, you are a saint of a husband.

SRH: You may want to think about keeping this particular look for a while. People like familiarity and consistency. You don’t want to alienate folks who may be coming by jarring them every time they come to see your blog.

Me: This is a pain in your butt, customizing templates, isn't it?

SRH: Yes... Yes... Blog Templates is Tricksies…

So, I have used my partner once again in service to my blog. I certainly hope his pain and suffering was worth it and you like the new look. (I certainly do - for now).


Anonymous said...

Are you absolutely SURE he works in photoshop all day? I mean, there's all that time he spends writing his own blog, picking on his work-mates, gossiping, etc. When is there time to work?


Anonymous said...

i like the new look. truthfully, the last new look never really worked for me- it was too hard to read due to the layout. so this one is fab, a little girly, sure, but, dude, you are a girl. cheers, m

Zany Mama said...

I'm not sure of anything with SRH. He tells me that he works in photoshop all day, but I suspect much of his time is spent heckling and harassing others.

Glad you like the look. Being able to read the blog you're looking at has to be a good thing! :)

Glad you're all back from vacation!

zingerzapper said...

I love it, love it, love it. It is easier to read and I think it goes with the new geek chic thing. Good job SRH.

Mom said...

I noticed the new look immediately so the jab at me was unnecessary. Keep it up and I'll make sure I call you "honey" or "sweetie" again in my comments. Right now I'm thinking more along the "bitch" line though.

Anonymous said...

dude, your mom is awesome.

Zany Mama said...

zingerzapper -
Glad you like it. Just so I'm giving credit where credit is due - SRH did do some modifications to the template, but the template was designed by She really deserves most of credit. Not that SRH isn't awesome and doesn't deserve credit. I'm just saying...

Okay, I could easily, at this point, spiral down into multiple, awkward explanations by defending both my defense of zoot and the skills of my husband, but I won't do that. No sirree.

Well, since you left a comment that is both honest and brutal, I am comforted by the fact that at least folks will no longer wonder where all my neuroses came from.

Please do not encourage her. It bodes ill for everyone when that woman is encouraged.

Dustin said...

Ooooo....pretty. I like it alot.

As for whiny old SRH, you need to remind him of the wedding vows you guys shared. I'm pretty sure there's a part that comes right after "In Sickness And In Health" that says something along the lines of "And especially if one of you needs your blog template changed on a regular basis..."

Zany Mama said...

You are so right! However we chose not to do traditional vows, so the blog vow was right after "to love your flabby ass as it ages" and before the "I'll get you should you ever leave me" vow. Not as romantic as the traditionals, but it works for us.