Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back from Chicago

There are a few conversations SRH and I could have had before Chicago that might have made the trip much better for all involved. To be clear, these are conversations that we could have had, not conversations that we actually did have. More’s the pity.

Imaginary Pre-Chicago Conversation A

SRH: You know, everyone’s talking about what a great city Chicago is and what a great time we’re going to have there, but I think Columbus is really great, too.

Me: Yeah, I do really like Columbus, but won’t it be nice to go to a new city and see new stuff?

SRH: Yeah, but I mean, Columbus is good, too, right? After all, our Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Room was voted 2nd in the nation – can Chicago beat that? I don’t think so.

Me: Probably not, but - hey, are you trying to start a competition between Columbus and Chicago’s Children’s Hospitals? Because that’s just weird.

SRH: I’m just saying – we may be in a position to judge their relative merits. We’ve visited the Columbus hospital at least 15 times in the past two years, and if Zane’s breathing doesn’t get better…we may get to check out the competition in Chi-Town.

Me: Chi-Town? Huh? No, I refuse to view Zane’s breathing difficulties as anything other than a medical issue. If we do have to go to the ER, I’m sure that Chicago’s Children’s Hospital will handle it just fine. It’s asthma for goodness sake. It’s a fairly common condition.

SRH: What are you defending Chicago for? I’m just saying that they probably can’t bring the top quality medical care that we’re used to. If they can, then they should just bring it.

Me: Are you humming West Side Story?

While this competitive mindset feels alien to my nature, it may have helped me cope with the asthma-induced madness which characterized the first two days of our trip. It might have helped when we had to stop at a mall during our drive to give Zane a breathing treatment - oh why, oh why, didn’t I buy that $150 mobile nebulizer when I had the chance? Or it might have helped me not have a major conniption in the car when we were stuck in incredibly heavy traffic on a TOLL road when his breathing difficulties started escalating again.

A competitive attitude might have been able to turn my thoughts to something like, Columbus Children’s ER wouldn’t blink an eye at this retraction, go ahead Zane, keep getting worse. We want to see what Chicago’s docs are made of.

A competitive outlook might have helped when we had to give him breathing treatments every 2-3 hours the next day. Or it might have helped when we actually got to Chicago’s Children’s ER at the end of that day.

All I’m saying is that a little competitive spirit might have saved me much anguish. As it was, I was a basket case when we finally rolled into the hospital. Zane, however, took the opportunity to finally breathe a little easier – the best he’d been breathing in over 48 hours – and we didn’t even have to see the doctor. It appears that the mere threat of seeing a doctor was enough to make his little lungs act right and start moving air properly.

His breathing was relatively problem-free for the remainder of the week. I don’t think I relaxed about it until at least Friday.

Tomorrow: Imaginary Pre-Chicago Conversation B.


lsig said...

Sounds very stressful. Were you able to enjoy the conference at all?

zingerzapper said...

Damn, that sucks. Not only did my poor little Zane have to pant like an obscene breather, but it is such a sucky story that I don't even have any sarcastic comments to make. Thanks, take away the one happy moment I have in a day. Hope you're happy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched for years, but isn't the tv show ER actually based on a Chicago emergency room? last time i checked, they lose doctors left and right, people always get shot while waiting in line and other mis-adventures.

SRH said...

"When you are a Shark, you are always a Shark."

Isn't that how it goes?

Zany Mama said...

It was a stressful, stressful couple of days. I was able to enjoy the conference once his breathing resolved, but it's kind of hard to shake that kind of anxiety, so I probably didn't pay as much attention as I could have. On the other hand, 5 days is way too long for a conference, so I would probably have been phoning it in by day 3 anyway.

I'm always pleased to take away any and all of your positive feelings.

Oooh, were you perhaps in college in the early 90's when ER premiered? I was and have no end of fond memories of drinking and asking the eternal question, "Will Nurse Hathaway and Dr. Ross finally end up together? "

I believe that ER is supposed to be set in Chicago's County Hospital, but truthfully, I was hoping for a more "Chicago Hope" type setting for Zane's treatment. It seems like the docs on ER are always getting sick or hurt themselves, and I'm totally not down with that during my kid's asthma episodes.

I'm not sure if that's how it goes, but in our house it would be more like, "When you are a Big Fish, you are always a Big Fish".

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know that your blog screen shows up in Japanese? I am excited. Maybe I have a future in bilingual blogging.

Zany Mama said...

anonymous - but I know who you are because only one of my friends is in Japan right now -
I think a bilingual blog is a brilliant idea! Your cats are good - take care of yourself.