Thursday, May 04, 2006

No Fun Blog - Update

A quick update because it’s a terrible thing to announce that your kid who is prone to ER visits is sick and then not tell anyone what happened next.

Zane is still sick. Has an ear infection, so he’s cranky and feverish. Saw the doctor today who gave us a script and said his breathing is okay. So we’re on the 3-4 hour breathing treatment regime, but he really does seem to be doing just fine as far as that goes. (Cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder, knock on wood, and spit on the ground for luck).

Babysitter still in the hospital – severe dehydration, complicated by a chronic illness she has. She should also be completely fine soon; however her inconsiderate trip to the hospital via squad means that I haven’t worked for the past two days. Geez, she’s all about taking care of herself. Geez.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get in to work tomorrow. By hoping, I mean that I really need to get into work, not that I’m particularly looking forward to it.

In-laws were fairly innocuous this visit. We’ll see. They roll back through next week, and they hardly ever make it through two visits in a row without saying something upsetting.

Thanks for all the phone calls and well-wishes. I’ll be back to the regular old blogging soon.


Anonymous said...

if we had any extra money at all, i'd run to the store, buy you a bottle of wine, leave it on your porch, and run away. that's how much i adore you. anyways, as usual, we're broke, so buy your own damn alcohol. you so deserve it. hope you are surviving, is there anything we can do to be helpful? okay, m, et al

Zany Mama said...

Thanks for the love and the "if only" offers of alcohol. Will let you know if we need anything, but Z is definitely on the mend!

See you tomorrow!