Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself and My Blog

…but don’t get too attached to anything I say because, well, I’ve never blogged before so I might completely change my mind by the time next week comes and go in a totally different direction with this thing.

I kept trying to come up with some pithy and profound way of introducing myself, but it really just came out sounding like a personal ad. So I will just go with it.

Black/White Biracial female looking for readers who will
commiserate, sympathize, and laugh at life’s absurdities
with me. Readers with kids welcome and liking celebrity
gossip, a plus.

Wait, that's too long, it would cost a fortune to run that add in the paper for a week. Maybe:

Mocha mom who is interested in yoga and reading seeking
like-minded audience to dish about married life and kids.

Still too long. Okay:

Frazzled Mom, please read.

So I’ve given up on introducing myself. I’m sure my personal characteristics, neuroses, and quirks will become readily apparent to everyone shortly.

About the blog –here’s what I envision:

· I’ll harp on the challenges and frustration of loving and nurturing a child who has ongoing medical needs.

· I’ll share and laugh about being a wife to
SRH and a mama to Zane.

· I’ll blab about being a mom who has down-shifted her career to take care of her child.

· I’ll avoid talk of politics – I mean the political parties type of politics. I may occasionally shoot off at the mouth about how I’m appalled that the Gap actually has “curvy” jeans for “women whose waist is smaller than their hips”. I mean, isn’t that the definition of a woman? We’re supposed to have smaller waists than hips and not be built like 9 year old boys. Okay, you get my drift. I may go there sometimes.

· I’ll try not to take myself too seriously. This may be my first real foray into writing for others to see, but it’s not rocket science.

Looking forward to it!


Lsig said...

Well, I don't have kids, but I think we may have one or two things in common anyway.

SRH said...

I am not so sure about the laughing about being married to SRH. This makes me more than a little nervous.

Zany Mama said...

lsig -
Indeed we do have quite a bit in common. Not the least of which is that is that we both chose to marry far below ourselves!

okay, okay, i'm sure you're not feeling much better after the above comment to lsig, but let me reframe it for you: Isn't it wonderful that we are able to laugh about each others' foibles and idiosyncrasies after this long together? - ee gads, it's 11 years ago tomorrow that we met eyes across a crowded college party and started playing quarters together.

Zany Mama said...

oops, lsig, you're comment was supposed to have a smiley face after it - i'm truly not THAT harsh of a person.

Lsig said...

I thought it was just ironic, since we both have spouses who pretty much tower over us.

Or, you know, the actual truth. I could get behind that, too. :)

Karen said...

yes, i'm starting from the beginning.

i can't believe you HID your blog from me! ;)